7 Reasons to Love an Aries

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Aries is one of the three fire signs, the other ones being Leo and Sagittarius. Fire signs are larger-than-life individuals who love to take challenges head-on. Aries is no different. They are natural thrill seekers and will often take the path less traveled just for the heck of it. They love chasing the things (and people) they love, but can easily become uninterested if something’s too easy.

Loving an Aries can be a breathtaking experience. These individuals are full of life and energy, and you might find yourself struggling to keep up with boundless reserves of strength from time to time. If you find yourself falling for an Aries, prepare yourself for one of the most genuine experiences of fierce, energetic love that will sweep you off your feet and leave you buzzing with their infectious nature. Herein are some of the reasons why loving an Aries is as exciting as it is exhausting.

1. They are Playful

Aside from having a great sense of humor, an Aries is usually the most playful person in the room. They have a naturally child-like outtake on everything, which gives them the ability to find fun things to do even in the most banal settings. Their wide-eyed curiosity and playfulness can keep you entertained and oblivious of your surroundings for hours, leaving you with no dull moments.

2. They are Brave

Historically, Aries were fighters ruled by Mars, the god of war. They are not afraid to stand up for the things they believe and will fight to the death if it means protecting someone they cherish. Luckily, they have a calm assertiveness about them that helps them keep a cool head when taunted. An Aries will make you feel protected even without raising a hand because they have a very dominant presence.

3. They are a bit Old-Fashioned

When it comes to romance, an Aries is all about the old-school type of love. Aries men, for instance, tend to be very masculine and will do things the old-fashioned way like opening doors for their dates, pulling out chairs at restaurants, carrying all the groceries when out shopping, and doing everything else that requires them to use brawn. They treat their women like queens and love them with the same fierceness they express themselves with.

4. They are Impulsive

An impulsive lover can be quite exhilarating to have. They will show up in the middle of the night to bring you your favorite treats, spontaneously arrange superb dates when you least expect it, and generally make life as exciting and as random as can be. An Aries lover can’t help but be impulsive sometimes, and although they can be completely random sometimes, they always mean well.

5. They are Confident

Aries people have confidence in spades. Their self-esteem bar is twice as big as everyone else’s, and it shows in the way they never hesitate to do things that other people would typically think twice about. Having an Aries lover is a great thing because they don’t need constant validation to feel loved. They already love themselves enough and will focus on making you feel as special as they feel about themselves.

6. They are Competitive

An Aries is the last person you’d expect to back away from a challenge, so you will need to be careful about the games you play with them. Their competitiveness is inborn, and the only thing an Aries will love more than you is winning. Their competitive nature pushes them to be the best in everything they do, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone as committed to loving you as they will be.

7. They Put Family before Everything

Despite their shoot-first-ask-questions-later personality, Aries are very family oriented. The family is the most important thing to an Aries and is usually the center of their entire existence. Loving an Aries gives you a person with strong family values, one that will take pride in taking care of their family and stick by them to the very end.

Dating an Aries is a rollercoaster ride. Their natural air of confidence and bravado belies their very playful and inquisitive nature. Although they tend to jump into conversations even when they are unsure whether they know what they’re talking about, their great sense of humor always saves the day. Aries are the life of the party, and when their boundless energies are directed towards loving you, you will never feel the same again.

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