7 Reasons to Love a Libra

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Libras are known as hopeless romantics, and it isn’t uncommon to see them risk a lot just to be loved. Underneath their cheerful, flirty disposition is a beautiful, carefree soul that loves everything beautiful, romantic, and sensuous.

They are drawn to attractive things with such strong magnetism that they can’t help it, and will always put their best foot forward no matter the situation. Libras are not haughty or prideful people, but they are obsessed with love and attractive things. If this sounds good to you, here are 7 more reasons why you should love a Libra.

1. Libras are the Life of the Party

Libras are incredibly social beings and tend to have diverse interests. You will find them frequenting social venues people from all walks of life, mingling with everyone like it is the most natural thing to do. Their love for beauty steers them towards artsy events such as poetry readings, art shows, and the theater, but their love for art is sometimes surpassed by their love for being around people, so don’t be surprised if you find them at all the biggest parties having the time of their life.

2. Libras Love Beauty

Beauty and Libras go hand in hand, and superficial as it may sound, Libras cannot resist the allure of something gorgeous. Their love for all things refined tends to lead them to people who are either beautiful and elegant or wealthy and sophisticated. This doesn’t mean that they only like materialistic beauty. Libras have a knack of finding beauty in the most unexpected places, and once they’re drawn to it, there is nothing anyone can do about it.

3. Libras prefer to be in a Relationship

Libras are made for partnerships. They are the idealists who believe that everyone in the world has their soul mate, and will stop at nothing to find theirs. Sure, this may lead them through several relationships, but once they find “the one,” Libras rarely ever look at anything else. Unfortunately, if you are not the one for them, their love for you burns brightly and briefly, and they do everything they can to charm you out of your wits, but ultimately they lose interest once they are certain there are no more ways they can dazzle you.

4. Libras are Passionate Romantics

Libras prefer romance to sex. To them, the buildup is more savory than the raw act itself, and they are experts in the art of seduction. People say that Libras love the idea of sex more than they love the act itself, which is putting it quite accurately. A Libra will get hung up on you over the smell of your cologne, the taste of your lips on theirs, or the sound of your voice as you serenade them. They experience love through their senses the most.

5. Libras are Just

Despite their seemingly lackadaisical nature, Libras have fair minds and a great concept of what’s right and what’s not. They possess the unique ability to observe a situation objectively and decide where the truth lies, which makes them excellent detectors of pretentious people. However, their sense of fairness doesn’t stop just because they love you. They will struggle endlessly to explain their objective point of view to you when they think you are on the wrong.

6. Libras Don’t Usually Say No to Fun

Libras just don’t have it in them to say no to a fun event. Dating a Libra means you have permanent company to all the hotspots in town, whether it’s on a weekday, a holiday, or a weekend. They always know all the best places to be and will do their best to drag you with them if they love you because they want to be around you everywhere they go. This speaks volumes about them that they are naturally extroverted but would still want you beside them as they go through their very social lives.

7. Libras are Natural Charmers

The grace, charm, and charisma of a Libra is irresistible. You will try your best to ignore their advances, but their natural flirtiness and charming nature will have you eating out of their hand in no time. They are often very beautiful people, both inside and out, and this plays in their favor when they are talking to people that interest them. It doesn’t matter where they are or what the occasion is, Libras often leave people with a lasting effect and are capable of making friends very quickly.

Folks love to paint Libras as shallow and materialistic, but their obsession with beautiful and attractive things is far from shallow. They possess an intensity that only comes around when they are in the presence of someone that matches or compliments their energy.

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