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Are you a blogger/author in the personal development/health space?

Do you like sharing ideas, inspiring others and celebrating the magic of life?

We are looking for passionate bloggers/authors who want to help spread meaningful information,  powerful truths and personal development  through the written word. If you've ever read a life changing story, watched a mind blowing video or experienced something so unreal for yourself that led you to a complete shift in awareness; we would like to offer you an opportunity to share it with the world.

You don't need to be a professional writer or journalist to create a real connection with others through a piece of writing, anyone at any skill level can participate in this, and any age too!

Be The Change

By lifting others up, you lift yourself up. You don't have to tote how smart you are, because it is inherently demonstrated by your ability to see someone else doing something great and to lift them up on high.

This is an opportunity to spread knowledge, love and creativity. It is not an opportunity to oppose, force or preach your personal answers to everything, your spiritual teachings, your business, or your supreme 12th dimensional experiences. Please, make it  meaningful and something others want to share.

Allow us to highlight your best original articles. In exchange for sharing them with us, you will have your articles featured for millions to see. They can range from spirit, energy, health, relationships, psychology business and lifestyle all the way to science, technology, quantum psychics, beautiful creations, amazing places, heart warming acts and everything in between.

Here are a few examples of the different kinds of articles you can use as an example to craft your own!

List articles: 1, 2, 3

Video articles:  1, 2, 3

"˜Standard' Articles: 1, 2, 3,  

Why send an article in?

Change Your Thoughts has an Alexa rank of 100,000, has 80,000 subscribers and 3.3 Million fans on The Facebook Page  so you'll get a big dose of exposure.

You'll also get up to two links to your blog/website.

What makes a great  article

When writing any type of article for blogs there are three elements:


Your image has to be a great image that will catch the readers eye.  Think about scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed and see what catches your eye and ask 'Why' and apply that to adding your own images.  Images can make the difference between an article that is shared 100,000 times and an article this is shared 10 times.

**We will take care of the image for you so no need to send one in**


Your headline does exactly the same job as your image.  It has to grab the readers attention. think about these two headlines:

Some Things You Might Want to Drop From Your Life


10 Things You Need to Drop From Your Life RIGHT NOW!

For some great info on writing headlines for your blog posts head on over here:
19 Headline Writing Tips for More Clickable, Shareable Blog Posts

Opening Paragraph

Your job as a writer is to keep readers engaged and after your image and headline you need to keep the momentum going with a great opening paragraph.  You want to keep a hold of your reader in a natural, unforced way.

Look at this great article from Copyblogger to give you an idea:

5 Simple Ways to Open Your Blog Post with a Bang


How to Submit

Before you think about submitting please note we DO NOT accept articles from freelance writers who do not have a blog, and we DO NOT accept articles that have the sole purpose of promoting a product, service or organisation.  We are looking for bloggers/authors who are passionate about their subject and have something to share with the world.

Submit your articles to  either as an attached text document or straight in the email. Please name the subject "Article Submission", and please source your article fully, and if you are using someone's personal art, make sure you have proof of permission to use their work.

Also Add a short two line bio with up to two links in it to your website, product or service.
Please add your social media links as well: facebook page if you have one (not personal one) for Facebook authorship, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest.

By submitting an article you consent to it being edited if needed "“ we will credit you as the author and use your first and last name unless you specify not to.

Please don't submit any articles encouraging people to use drugs of any kind, as well as anything illegal or discriminatory.    If they are, we may have to revoke the article, or edit it slightly to fit our content guidelines.

Most importantly: Have fun!

Thank you very much, we're excited to see what you come up with!

With love,
Steven Aitchison