7 Reasons to Love a Scorpio

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Scorpios are not your ordinary kind of people. They are either loved or hated, with no middle ground whatsoever, which only serves to explain their truly unique personalities. Scorpios are perhaps best known as very sexual people, but confining them to that single definition would be doing them a great injustice.

If you like mystery and intrigue, Scorpios have it in abundance. You have to be something special to get a Scorpio to open up to you since they are characteristically known to be private, secretive people. Despite their slightly intimidating demeanors, Scorpios love deeply and with such intensity that it is very hard to doubt their sincerity. If you are eyeing a Scorpio (or if one is eyeing you), herein are 7 reasons why loving them is a gift that will keep giving for the rest of your lives.

1. Scorpios Love Sincerely

Scorpios tend to keep to themselves whenever possible, but once you break down their walls, they love with everything they have. A Scorpio’s biggest fear is getting their heart broken, which explains why they are so hesitant to open up. However, once they deem you worthy of their love, they pour their hearts into loving you and hold nothing back. A Scorpio’s love is the kind of love that makes you feel like someone’s treasure because, in their eyes, you truly are theirs.

2. Scorpios Have a Blunt Sense of Humor

If you get offended easily, loving a Scorpio might be hard for you because they tend to speak their minds. They have the sort of unfiltered responses that elicit shocked stares and uncontrollable laughter in equal measure, so you have to have a good sense of humor to enjoy theirs. Scorpios don’t make dry or impetuous jokes either. They have a sharp wit which, when combined with their natural intelligence and honest way of expression, can send entire rooms into peals of laughter.

3. Scorpios are good at Keeping Secrets

If you want a confidant that will never betray you, a Scorpio is the safest bet. Once they consider you a part of them, your secrets become theirs too, and they will guard them with the same ferocity they do their private thoughts. It is very hard to earn a Scorpio’s trust, and they detest people that pry too much into their personal lives. Although the secrets you share with them will follow them to their graves, those that you keep hidden from them are not safe from their surprisingly good investigative abilities.

4. Scorpios are Mysterious

A Scorpio is probably the most mysterious person you will ever spend time with. Aside from their penchant for all things dark, which includes—but is not limited to—the paranormal, crime, gore, and death, Scorpios tend to keep to themselves as much as possible. There will be days when their aura of mystery will take your breath away, and there will be others when it will impede your attempts at digging too deep into their lives. Scorpios love to stay private, so if they let you into their lives and deepest thoughts, appreciate it because that rarely happens.

5. Scorpios Prefer Intense Over Shallow

Speaking of deep thoughts, Scorpios love to have deep, meaningful conversations about any topic that comes up. Don’t waste your time trying to small talk your way into their hearts; they abhor shallow and pointless conversation. If a Scorpio likes you, they will dive right in and talk to you about things that interest them, or probe ever so cleverly about the things that interest you. Though they are good at being social, a Scorpio would much rather have a deep conversation with people who pique their interest.

6. Scorpios are Resourceful

Where there is a will, a Scorpio will always find a way. Scorpios are go-getters, and they rarely give up on anything they want to achieve. Sure, they may fail every so often, but rest assured that a Scorpio will always find another way to get something done. Their superb resourcefulness is one that will always come in handy, so having a quick-thinking Scorpio by your side can be a very good thing.

7. Scorpios Love to Be in Control

Scorpios are not control freaks, but they love to be in control of situations. They don’t want you to do their bidding or follow their lead every time (with their resourcefulness and sharp minds, who wouldn’t want to follow their leads?), but they have natural leadership skills. They prefer to have things done their way though they are very tactful at ensuring you don’t notice who is in charge. Unfortunately, this is one quality that sees them clashing too much with authority figures, so in a way, their greatest strength is also a weakness.

If you don’t mind the occasional reflective silence and half-answered questions, dating a Scorpio can be very satisfying. You will never have to worry about them cheating because they rarely let people into their lives, and they treasure their loved ones the same way they do their privacy. It goes without saying that Scorpios are also the best at intimacy because they are naturally very sexual people.

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