7 Reasons to Love a Cancer

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Cancers are known as the crabs of the zodiac signs. Like the aquatic animals, they are fiercely protective of their territories and will not hesitate to snap at anyone who gets too close. Being a water sign like the Pisces and the Scorpio, Cancers are just as emotive and brimming with imaginative thoughts. Their kind-hearted nature makes them quite empathetic to others, and they usually don’t hesitate to help a fellow in trouble.

On the flip side, Cancers are known for their childish temperament. Sometimes they get angry when things aren’t done their way. Like crabs, they are also very possessive and can be consumed by jealousy when the situation calls for it. Nevertheless, loving a Cancer will leave you reeling with passion as they rarely do anything—including relationships—half-heartedly. Here are 7 reasons why you should love a Cancer.

1. Cancers are Protective

Cancers are naturally protective of their kind, even though sometimes this causes them to be a little too possessive. They always mean well though, and will never sacrifice your happiness just because they are jealous. Even so, a Cancer will fight tooth and nail to keep what’s theirs safe, and if they consider you a part of them, they will protect you with the same ferocity from all sorts of threats.

2. Cancers are Kind

If you overlook the hard exterior most Cancers want us to see; you will see a soft, kindness that is uncharacteristic of their fierce protectiveness. Cancers are extraordinarily delicate, and need your love to feel treasured and wanted. Every single iota of love that is directed towards them is reciprocated with intensity and a kindness that can be quite overwhelming. They are truly compassionate beings that love their families and go out of their way to be kind to others.

3. Cancers Love Simplicity

Cancers hate complications and will try everything possible to avoid confrontations and arguments that complicate their lives. Remember, they are very delicate, so they bruise easily both physically and emotionally. For that reason, they prefer to live life as sincerely as possible because it is in their nature to make everything simple for everyone around them.

4. Cancers are Not Afraid of Commitment

Cancers don’t just fall in love; they commit to a life with someone. If you get in a relationship with a Cancer, rest assured that it won’t be anything short-lived or temporary, at least not from their perspective. Once a Cancer is in love, they tend to shadow their partner everywhere and become inseparable. Luckily, they can be extremely good company especially since they have a very strong intuition that tells them when their presence is not needed.

5. Cancers are Sensitive

Not a bad vibe or a flicker of sadness can escape a Cancer’s intuitive senses. They are highly sensitive to emotions, and can easily pick up on how you are feeling even without asking a single question. You can always expect them to know when to be around you, when to leave you alone, and when you just need someone to talk to without judgment because they are the type of people who put themselves in other people’s shoes just to understand what they’re going through.

6. Cancers are Open-Minded

If you need someone, you can talk too freely, and without fear of judgment, a Cancer is the best person to go to. A Cancer will love you for your flaws because those are what make you unique. They are attracted to the things that make you so unique, and this includes your quirks and “bad” sides. Cancers always make you feel loved for who you truly are, and often encourage you to be yourself around them.

7. Cancers are Great Problem Solvers

Objectiveness and an aversion to conflict makes Cancers superb at solving problems. They don’t usually take sides and instead prefer to adopt an unbiased stance when solving disputes between friends and family members. They are quick to admit a mistake and apologize when necessary, and will never spur an argument or a fight if they feel like they are on the wrong. This shouldn’t lead you into thinking that they are pushovers, because Cancers can also be assertive when they sense that their kind-hearted nature is being taken advantage of.

Dating a Cancer can be a blissful experience because they love so willingly and so wholeheartedly that it is hard to want anything else. These people are pure and sincere, but they know when to stand up and get their claws out, so its best not to insult any of the people they hold close.

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