7 Reasons to Love a Virgo

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Virgos are commonly mislabeled as boring or stuck up when in truth, they just love to think everything through. They are extremely independent and prefer to do things themselves because they figure no one can do it better than they can. That’s because they are natural perfectionists who like to flesh out every detail in their minds before deciding on something.

Virgos are not control-freaks, but they take charge of everything they can. They feel a natural desire to fix things themselves and tend to do a much better job than other people. However, most people don’t know that Virgos are kind and have a playfulness to them that can be very endearing. If you’re willing to overlook their overly analytical side, herein are 7 other reasons why you should love a Virgo.

1. They are Nerds

Virgos make the best nerds, and that’s because for them the devil is in the details. Their attention to detail may sometimes come off as arrogance, but they can’t help it. Their minds race through all the smallest details of a plan before they decide to execute it. Since they live in the details, Virgos tend to know better ways of getting things done efficiently. They also listen very intently and can use their analytical minds to get you out of a jam when you need them.

2. They like a Plan

It is very hard to convince a Virgo to go through with something if they don’t have a plan fleshed out. They like analyzing things thoroughly before deciding whether they are okay with it. Though they are not the best people to take on spontaneous trips, a Virgo’s penchant for planning out things makes them very good at ensuring road trips and spontaneous adventures don’t backfire or end in disappointment because they even consider everything that could go wrong. You will enjoy parties, trips, and events organized by Virgos because they pay attention to the details.

3. They are Practical

Their attention to detail leads them to making the most practical decisions about everything. A Virgo will choose practicality over excitement any day, and though some might find this quality boring, you can rest assured that they are always the most efficient people in the room. Virgos love things that are practical. Blame it on their analytical natures, but Virgos find comfort in the things they have thought about thoroughly.

4. They are Very Picky

Virgos think about everything in detail. They are very picky about the things they eat, the activities they partake in, the people they surround themselves with, and even the people they love and trust. They have very high standards when it comes to dating, so it might take some doing to convince a Virgo that you are the best match for them. They hate meaningless flings and would rather stay single until they can ascertain that they want to be in a relationship with someone.

5. They are Loyal

Loyalty comes naturally to Virgos, and they will stick by your side if they deem you worthy of their love. They are not prone to wanting much, so one lover is usually enough for them. They are very practical and think of all the consequences of being unfaithful, so don’t expect a Virgo to cheat on you easily. Despite their lack of spontaneity, Virgos are passionate and will not hesitate to unleash this side when they’re in love with someone.

6. They are Independent

Take away a Virgo’s independence, and you take away their essence. A Virgo is not comfortable if they are not allowed to do the things they want when they want. They will rarely ask for help since they would much rather accomplish tasks by themselves and in the only way they know how to: perfectly.

7. They Have a Playful Side

Sometimes Virgos like to let their hair down and have some fun. They are not always stuck in the mud and will sometimes choose fun over critical analysis. This only happens when they are around people they trust. Loving a Virgo can give you access to a side of them most people rarely get to see, and it can be beautiful to witness.

Many might call Virgos killjoys because they don’t always go with spontaneity and would much rather analyze their options and weigh out the pros and cons. In truth, Virgos love fun and excitement just as much as everyone else. They just like considering all the possible outcomes first.

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