7 Reasons to Love a Taurus

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Taurus are peaceful. Taurus are comforting. Taurus hate undue attention. But most importantly, Taurus are independent. Loving a Taurus is like running the winning lap of a race every day. They are self-reliant beings, and convincing one that they need you takes some doing, but if you succeed every day of your life will be a victory lap. Winning the heart of a Taurus is something you will marvel at for the rest of your life.

Taurus are natural leaders, and it shows in the way that they choose to be independent even when they don’t have to be. Their calm, peace-loving demeanors give them an aura of serenity that you will want to wrap yourself around forever. If you need more reasons to try and tame these stable people, here are 7 more why you don’t have to think twice about loving one.

1. Taurus are Sensual

A Taurus will choose sensual intimacy over quick sex any day. They cherish the little things the most—stroking each other’s hair, falling asleep in each other’s arms, holding hands while walking—but will turn the knob from sweet and gentle to hot and heavy without warning. They excel at being both fierce lovers and gentle companions so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

2. Taurus Have Great Leadership Skills

Taurus people tend to have a cool, calculated approach to situations. Their rational minds make them very good at analyzing situations and providing adept instructions. Everyone in the room tends to look up to them when suggestions are made because they tend to make the best decisions with or without pressure. Their practical minds make them incredibly useful in managing finances as well as taking care of the family.

3. Taurus Value Peace

Taurus people are calm, peace-loving individuals that actively avoid arguments whenever they can. They rarely pick fights with anyone and are quick to check their actions before acting out in anger. A Taurus person will be the fastest to try and diffuse a tense situation before it boils over, and this makes them valuable presences in unfamiliar situations. Their aura of authority makes people listen to them, so they can peacefully resolve even the most heated arguments in a very adult manner.

4. Taurus are Independent

Nobody enjoys their independent as much as Taurus people. They tend to have a stable mindset as well as rock-solid emotions, so they are rarely swayed into doing things just because other people want them done. They will work as hard as it takes to provide everything they need for themselves and their families. Though not prideful, a Taurus will not ask for help if they can help it. Furthermore, their sense of independence further solidifies their resolve, and this makes them some of the most loyal people in relationships.

5. Taurus Put Family First

The governing planet of the Taurus zodiac sign, otherwise known as the planet of love, is Venus. This is a love that Taurus people shower endlessly over the people they adore. Not only are they loving and protective of their families, but they also love to provide stability for them as well. A Taurus person is a family loving person, so if your goal is to start a family, settling down with a Taurus can be very rewarding.

6. Taurus Love Good Food

Taurus people really love great food. They will love you for feeding them something delicious every so often, so you better get your kitchen skills in order before approaching one. Remember, getting a Taurus to be interested in you is always going to be an uphill task, so it helps if you have something that will pique their interest in you and keep them coming back for more.

7. Taurus Make Great Parents

Taurus pass on their self-confidence, level-headedness, and rational minds to their children. They encourage them to be peaceful people, but at the same time teach them to be respectful of everyone. Taurus parents teach their kids to be independent at an early age and urge them to use their problem-solving skills in life as much as possible. Most of all, they love their kids and their families to no end and go to great lengths to provide for them.

Landing a Taurus person may be a tricky task, but once they are yours, you will wonder how you survived without them. They bring stability into your life as well as a calm peacefulness and a love for tasty food that foodies out there will certainly appreciate.

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