15 Signs That Prove You Are A Natural Healer

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Being a natural healer is to be extremely gifted and blessed. It could mean to be able to heal people's physical illnesses naturally or help them spiritually.   Whichever way you heal, you are envied, without a doubt. While many of us reach for our latest bottle of prescription pain killers, you naturally relieve pain, with great success.

Most natural healers already know they possess that gift but there are still a few walking around unaware of their ability and have yet to tap into it. Have you ever wondered if you are one? Do you recognize any of the following signs in yourself?

natural_healer1. People come to you with all their problems.

They are naturally drawn to you and admire your warm and loving aura. They believe that you have all the solutions to all the problems. They also respect and trust your judgement and advice.

2. You feel people's pain.

Emotionally and sometimes physically. You can immediately pick up on when someone is going through emotional turmoil, even if they are smiling and acting like nothing is wrong. You know better, and you know there is definitely something wrong.

3. You don't get sick very often.

You are generally very healthy and rarely catch things like the common cold or flu bugs.

4. You want to heal people.

Emotionally, spiritually and sometimes physically. You feel their pain and desperately want to take their pain away from them. You know you can but often will hold back on offering as you aren't sure how they will accept your offer.

5. People are drawn to you.

You are the go to person for comfort and mental and spiritual stimulation. People have mentioned to you many times before they feel very comfortable around you and they love spending time with you. It's like a safe zone for them.

6. You come from a family of healers.

The gift has been passed down to you. You know and feel that you are special but always wondered what that feeling was. It's your unique ability to heal people. Time to tap into it.

7. You have a special way with animals.

They are also naturally drawn to you, as are children. They are tuned into your healing abilities and feel safe, loved and nurtured around you. you also feel very relaxed and very much in your element with animals.

8. Exercise for you is usually anything outdoors.

You prefer to walk in nature, go hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing. You would rather get your exercise in this way then go to a gym and endure an hour of an aerobics class with too loud pumping music.

9. You are exhausted at the end of the day.

Usually emotionally. You have been toxically attacked from all the people around you and it has drained you. You've felt their pain, heard their stories and even healed a few. You are wiped out.

10. You rarely see the doctor for anything.

Most conditions you face personally you can heal on your own either through herbs and teas or meditations and/or Reiki treatments. You would rather not take pills for anything and can always find a natural way to heal yourself.

11. You are drawn to healing gemstones and probably already have a nice collect ion.

You own several books on stones and you are always learning and perhaps even gridding your stones. Most of your jewelry is in the form of gemstones as well.

12. You spend a lot of your weekends on holistic retreats.

You are always learning new forms of natural healing. Hot stone massages, Indian head massages, Reiki (if you don't already know it) or any other energy healing modalities.

13. Any pain you do feel comes in the form of headaches or shoulder and neck pain.

That's due to you carrying the weight of everyone's problems. For some of you, you've been bombarded all day with other's issues. By the end of the day, you're heavy with toxicity.

14. You prefer alone time.

You love your friends and family but being home with a good book and a great cup of tea is always your preferred way of spending a Friday night.

15. You feel different from the others.

That's because you are. Very different. You're gifted and no one quite gets it. You aren't interested in office gossip around the cooler or any other negative talk. You are too sensitive for that.

If any of these signs describe you, it's time to tap into your natural healing abilities. You are truly gifted and a natural healer.

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