7 Reasons to Love an Aquarius

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Natives of the Aquarius, an air sign that is weirdly represented by a water bearer, are some of the most mysterious people you will ever meet. At first, they appear shy and mellow, but it only takes time and fondness for them to unleash their eccentric side and their eclectic tastes. They are deep thinkers that possess an inquisitive intelligence.

Aquarius people are excellent conversationalists. They talk about the things they are passionate about in depth and can provide a welcome distraction from the daily hustle of life for hours on end. They are also very creative and have a powerful imagination. Though they struggle with expressing their feelings, an Aquarius is comfortable showing their love when they feel it reciprocated and when they are made to feel safe and confident. Herein are 7 more reasons tolove these diverse type of people.


1. They Have a Big Heart

Deep down in their enigmatic personalities, Aquarius people have a big, generous heart. Their charitable nature pushes them to volunteer for charities and donate when they can because they love helping out. Aquarius people often keep up with current events and are always on the lookout for someone they can help. Though they might not say it outright, they believe that they are here to make the world a better place.

2. They are Intelligent

Inquisitive and intelligent in equal measure, an Aquarius will ask an endless string of questions about something they are curious about. They love learning new things and have an inherent intelligence to them that lets them see the world differently. Despite their shy nature, they are surprisingly good at leading teams, making them very proficient people in the professional world.

3. They Form Deep Connections with Music

Aquarius people feel a connection with the music they listen to like no one else does. They love deep, soul-caressing tunes, but are not averse to upbeat, hip-hop or pop music when the mood calls for it. If you want to strike a deep connection with an Aquarius, using music will increase your chances of drawing them out from their shell.

4. They Always Put their Partners First

An Aquarius lover will put you before everything else. They prioritize their partners and will drop everything just to go see them. Their spontaneity lies here, so expect some random visits in the middle of the night when they feel like they’ve missed you. You don’t have to call twice when you miss them; they will always stop everything they are doing and rush to where you are on a whim.

5. They like Hearing the Unfiltered Truth

You don’t need to sugarcoat the truth when talking to an Aquarius. They prefer the whole, ugly, unedited truth, and will love you for keeping things real with them. Don’t bother trying to soothe them with false words because they will be livid once they find out. Aquarius people are realists, so they appreciate it when you don’t try to hide things from them.

6. They are Warm, Fun, and Playful

Spending time with an Aquarius is a beautiful thing. They envelop you in their warmth and focus all their affection towards you. They love deeply and with such warmth, and it fills them with joy when you love them back and show them the same affection. Once they are comfortable in your presence, they can be very playful and will not hesitate to bust out their zany sides. They are absolutely corny lovers at the time, but ultimately adorable and very fun to be around.

7. They can’t be Fake

Aquarius people don’t have it in them to be anything but genuine. If you’re worried that they will stop loving you at some point, don’t be—an Aquarius will not show interest in you unless they truly love you to your core. They love everything about their partners and encourage them to be themselves when they are together. An Aquarius will always be real with you even when it comes to speaking the truth about things that make you uncomfortable. However, they won’t hurt your feelings just for the heck of it. They just prefer being truthful with the people they care about.

If wholesome, real love is what you’re searching for, you will find it with an Aquarius. These wonderful people are usually shy at first, but don’t let that deter you from talking to them because they are very easy-going. They love sincerity more than anything and will grow fond of you if you are one to tell it like it is.

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