7 Reasons to Love a Sagittarius

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Optimism at heart and adventurers by nature, Sagittarius people, don’t know how to keep still and be boring. They are full of energy and curiosity that drives them to seek answers about everything, including the meaning of life. A Sagittarius’s favorite thing to do is to travel and explore, and they will spend a good chunk of their lives visiting every corner of the earth to discover things they don’t know. They are charming to be around lest you are not an honest person in which case, their truth-seeking nature might drive you away.

Their spontaneity and child-like impulsiveness will provide more than enough excitement for both of you. Herein are 7 reasons to love these bubbly, adventurous people.

1. They are Social Beings

If you watch the way a Sagittarius flits from one social group to another and fits in with ease, you will come to the conclusion that being sociable is an inherent trait for them. Everyone loves their fun, bubbly demeanor and their ability to come up with a crazy but fun idea on the whim. Everyone looks up to them when excitement is needed, and no one wants to go to a party without them. Incidentally, they know all the best places to hang out and the best people to hang out with.

2. They Love Adventure

A Sagittarius will never turn down the opportunity for an adventure. They have the curiosity to seek out new quests, and they certainly have the energy to complete all the adventures they embark on. Be prepared to spend all your time outdoors because they don’t like sitting in front of a couch all day. They would much rather explore new things and see new places. A Sagittarius can be your best friend if you love to travel.

3. They Have Diverse Interests

Their quest for knowledge leads them to have interests in almost all areas of life. A Sagittarius will pursue anything that sparks their curiosity and takes higher learning very seriously since it broadens their horizon. They will be well-versed in topics ranging from music to philosophy to fun facts about your local physical feature and will not hesitate to take on more interests if it suits them. They are not fond of boredom and will strive to find new and exciting things to learn about whenever they have the chance.

4. They Love their Freedom

Freedom, as you may have guessed, is very important to a Sagittarius. They need the space to be spontaneous and the freedom to express this by embarking on random adventures whenever they feel like. A Sagittarius will not appreciate it if you keep them confined or if you restrict their free movement. They want to be able to go to new places and do the things that fulfill their natural desire to learn new things.

5. They can be Very Playful

Sagittarius are very playful sometimes. They can keep you on your toes with their bouncy nature, and will not hesitate to throw the odd idea your way just to get your heart pumping fast. As natural adventurers, they always know the fun things to do and will keep you entertained with their diverse knowledge about everything for hours on end.

6. They are Brutally Honest

A Sagittarius will not beat around the bush if you ask for their honest opinion about something. They are blunt and honest when it comes to everything and are not shy to air the acerbic truth even to people they care about. If you like sugarcoated responses, dating a Sagittarius will be a tough experience because they have a knack for calling it like it is. A Sagittarius will not lie if they know that the truth is what is necessary in a situation.

7. Traveling is their Thing

Sagittarius is constantly looking for new things, and they embrace new experiences with fervor. They love all types of travel and tend to make friends and lovers out of the people they meet in the foreign locations they visit. They are naturally drawn to the call of adventure and crave nothing more than to explore the world to their heart’s content. Loving a Sagittarius means you have to make peace with their love for travel.

Sagittarius people are bouncing bubbles of joy and optimism. They are very open-minded about things and tend to be very ambitious especially when it comes to their intellectual pursuits. They are natural learners that seek the answers to everything, and they can be quite a handful for anyone. If you are lucky enough to have a Sagittarius as a lover, your life never becomes dull again.

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