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4 Secret Ways To Deal With Toxic People

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Nothing can make you feel worse and drain you of your precious energy than toxic people.
But before you even think that their traits or attitude are beyond your control, there are actually some effectively unusual ways to deal with them (that are within your control).

Here they are…

Put Yourself In Their Shoes.

Toxic people may appear to be rude or even threatening, but do you have any idea of what they're going through at that moment?

They might be in a bad mood or state. They might have big problems looming in their minds. They might be stressed out of their wits. Or they might be feeling inferior and their ego has hit rockbottom.

They just need an outlet to let it all out, so just realize that their treatment of you is not personal to you.

Perhaps they're shouting at you because that is their way of redeeming back their bruised ego or their feeling of control in their lives. After all, getting angry is a better feeling (although still negative) than being depressed.

I'm not saying that you act like a doormat. But just understand that the problem is theirs, not yours. Have empathy and know that by not reacting negatively to their treatment of you, you're doing them a favor and letting them save face.

Just ask yourself: Is this really important? Are they worth your energy or time? If not, just let it go and focus your attention on the things that really matter.

Raise Your Vibration.

Thsi may sound a little far-fetched, but your focus has a lot to do with whether you're attracting toxic people into your life and the way they're treating you.

The more you focus your attention on negativity or toxic people, the more you 'invite' them into your life because of the lower vibration you're emitting.

As within, so without. Whatever you're experiencing in the real world is in vibrational harmony with your 'inner world.' So you have to work on yourself first and do your best to raise your vibration.

If your 'inner world' is filled with love and appreciation to yourself and the people around you, then that same love and appreciation will reflect back to you by the people and things around you.

Be in vibrational alignment with positive emotions such as love, happiness, freedom, trust and optimism. When you think and feel good, and expect people to treat you well, then that will manifest into reality.

These 'toxic' people who have been bothering you will either 'match' your vibration and start treating you well, or they'll be so out of harmony with your vibrational state that the universe will get them out of your life.

Never Assume Anything.

We often put a label on ourselves and others, sometimes without being aware of its negative effects.

If you label yourself as 'inferior' and someone else as 'superior' to you, then you will think, act and behave in an insecure and self-doubting way.

On the other hand, if you label yourself as a level or two higher than the other person, then your ego takes over and you might demand them to behave in a certain way, which could lead to arguments and misunderstandings.

The important thing to remember is to never assume anything about yourself and others. Just be yourself and treat everyone with kindness and respect… no matter what type of person they may be.

Know Your Worth.

When toxic people put you down, it's easy to get into the self-pity or “I'm not good enough” mode. So you have to 'immunize' yourself from such attacks by acknowledging your value beforehand.

By developing your self-esteem, you're protecting yourself from their demeaning words and treatment of you.

List your accomplishments, talents, skills, knowledge, contributions or anything else that makes you feel uniquely special in your own right. Realize that no one else can take your place, that you're one of a kind.

This way, even if people try to humiliate or put you down, you know deep inside yourself that you're an exceptional and wonderful human being who is much 'larger' than any 'small' toxic person could ever conquer.

Their validation is not required, because you have already validated and confirmed how good you are.

Toxic people are neither bad nor good. It's just a matter of perspective. For all you know, they may just be hungry for some compassion, understanding, and hugs from you. So give it to them!

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