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Quizzes Why They Are So Popular And The 37 Amazing Personality Quizzes

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The quizzes on the Change your Thoughts blog have been shared over 5 million times on social media.

I think the reason for their popularity is that I totally love quizzes myself. I remember have a personality quiz book when I was younger, where you had to add up all your scores and find the meaning at the end of the book.

So I dig up the best quizzes I can find on Playbuzz and share them with you here on the CYT Blog.

Ever since I introduced quizzes on the blog they were a huge hit and immediately were shared all over social media.

The most shared quiz ever on my blog is the Enneagram Type quiz, which has been shared over 3.7 million times on Facebook alone.

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Why do we love personality quizzes so much?

Well, It's not because we are self obsessed.

One of the big reasons we love personality quizzes is that it helps us to understand ourselves better and find our place in the world. We want to know we belong and that includes belonging to groups. Personality quizzes gives us a quick insight into ourselves and the groups we might possibly belong to.

Ultimately, pop culture-based labels assigned from online quizzes can be vague, and they often rely on stereotypes. But they do serve a purpose. They give us a way to talk honestly and earnestly about ourselves, using a common cultural vocabulary. In assigning us labels, online quizzes allow us to easily relate to each other. ((

“People love an easy way to gain insight into their unique patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours,” explains psychologist Mary Hoang from The Indigo Project. “For the same reason some people love astrology, some people love the sense of categorisation personality quizzes provide as they allow us to know ourselves and others a little better.”

When you take a quiz and are given a label or group to fit into, you not only feel understood, you also feel like you’re part of a club. “Some people can feel a sense of belonging and this makes sense,” adds Hoang. “It’s comforting to know that you’re not the only one thinking, feeling or behaving the way you do.” ((

Can personality quizzes actually help us?

Think about it, we rarely get the opportunity to answer questions about ourselves. So playing these quizzes, however trivial some of them are, like What is Your Hippie Name? gives us a chance to stop and ask ourselves questions about what we like and what we don't like. It's a form of self reflection, something that we wouldn't otherwise take time out of our day to do.

What we are doing when we take these quizzes is answering questions about ourselves without any thought of judgement from others. So we tend to be more honest than we otherwise would if someone else was asking us the same questions.

Bruce Carter, a professor of human development and family science at Syracuse University, echoed that sentiment. He said that we gravitate to online quizzes in an effort to answer what he calls the fundamental question of humanity: "Why do people act the way that they do?"

The social aspect of personality quizzes

With the likes of facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites, the sharing of quizzes is extremely easy and quick. This is also another way of helping us to find out what groups we belong to.

How many posts have you seen on Facebook declaring that "I am an INFJ, What Are You?' type of post talking about the Myers briggs personality quiz. Actually, the Myers Briggs is not just a fun quiz it's actually used to determine your personality in some work places, so there's a more serious aspect to personality testing as well.

The gamification of quizzes is what has made it so popular on social media.

The other reason personality quizzes are so popular is the fact that quizzes only take a few minutes to take.

That being said lets get to the 57 most popular personality quizzes ever and the number of times they have been shared on this blog.

The 37 Most Shared Personality Quizzes

Personality Quiz NameNo. Of Shares
Enneagram Type3.7 Million
This Abstract Image Test Will Reveal Your True Self592,500
How Good Are You At Reading People?305,900
What is Your Strongest Mental Ability271,600
Quiz – Pick A Door to Your Future226,900
What Colour is Your Aura218,200
A 5 Minute Test That Will Reveal Your Innermost Thoughts179,400
The Way You See Images Can Determine Who You Really Are175,700
What Is Your Energy Vibration?174,700
What Is Your Actual Birth Name?150,400
Crystal Personality Quiz133,400
A Walk in The Woods – Relational Psychology Quiz110,000
Numerology Reading – What Your Birthdate Says About You97,031
Only 1 In 50 Women Can Pass This Men's Test82,200
Personality Quiz – What Type of Spirit Do You Have79,800
What Are Your Five Dominant Traits76,500
What is Your Dominant Character Trait74,900
Which Intelligence Is Your Most Dominant?71,500
What is Your Psychic Power?69,600
Personality Quiz The Pictures You Choose64,600
What Type Of Spirit Is With You60,200
What Crystal Colour Are You Vibrating?59,500
Can You Pass The Perception Test?58,300
Your Celtic Tree Sign and What it Says About You50,500
Who is Your Mask and The Person Behind It?49,400
Are You An Ambivert45,900
How Rare Is Your Personality?45,400
What Colour is Your Soul44,500
How Mentally Strong Are You?42,100
This Eye Test Will Determine What Kind Of Person You Are41,300
What Kind Of Unique Person Are You?40,100
What Is Your Emotional IQ39,200
What Is Your Guardian Angel Trying To Tell You?38,000
What Colour Represents Your Personality37,500
What Are Your 5 Dominant Personality Traits Based On Your Visual Preferences?37,400
Who is Your Guardian Angel?35,800
This Abstract Image Test Will Determine Your Dominant Personality Trait35,300


So personality quizzes have their place from a psychological perspective and and from a self reflection perspective.

Quizzes can help us to sit down and think about ourselves and answer questions honestly without anybody judging us.

Let me know in the comments which of the personality quizzes you like the most and why you like doing the quizzes.

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