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What Colour is Your Soul

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Colours are a natural part of our life and we rarely give them much thought, or do we?

When you are getting ready to go to work you will choose your clothes based on style and colour, it gives an insight into who you are.  For example if you wear bright colours: yellow, red, orange, and pink, it might suggest you have an outgoing personality and don't mind being in the spotlight, alternatively it might suggest you need more attention than you are currently getting.  if you wear dark colours: black, dark brown or dark grey it could suggest you want to keep yourself to yourself and just blend in to take the limelight away from you, and it might suggest you're a slightly pessimistic person.


When you choose a car to drive you will most likely choose a colour that suits your personality as well.  Your home furnishings will be based on colour, even the food that you buy could be unconsciously influenced by the colour of the brand

Anyway, I digress, I love the topic of the psychology of colours and find it fascinating.  Today I just wanted to give you another quick quiz called What is the Colour of Your Soul, this is a great little quiz and as always this is just for fun 🙂

What Colour Is Your Soul?


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