Personality Quiz – What Type of Spirit Do You Have

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"Being spiritual has nothing to do with what you believe and everything to do with your state of consciousness."
"• Eckhart Tolle

What type of spirit do you have?

I consider myself a very spiritual person, not in the religious way, but in a human way.  I know that we are all connected to each other somehow through an invisible force and we can tap into the spiritual consciousness of the world should we wish to do so.  To be connected to this consciousness takes a little silence every day, a time to just sit and let the thoughts of your mind just casually drift, instead of grabbing them and letting them drive you to a place unknown.

I thought it would be fun to add this little quiz to see what kind of spirit you are.

As always this is just for fun and truly doesn't mean anything of significance, but it's always interesting 🙂

What Type of Spirit Do You Have?




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