Are You Extrovert, Introvert or Ambivert?

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All my life I have considered myself to be introverted, which is cool, I like being an introvert. However I was somewhat baffled.  Whilst I don't like to be the centre of attention I still like people to know I am out there, if that makes sense.

I love writing, which is very much a solitary thing, I love networking with people via email and skype but don't tend to like it in person, I love reading, I love spending a full day in a bookshop, just browsing the books, having a coffee and reading for the full day.  All the things I love, I love doing alone, except when it's family time.  However I also like it when I've done some great work and get the recognition for it, and I feel very comfortable talking to strangers, and I like my name to be know but not necessarily in person.

This all kind of baffled me until I came across the personality type: Ambivert

I came across this in a Dan Pink book 'To Sell is Human'.

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The life of an ambivert is a mixture between an introvert and an extravert, which we hear about almost every other day, but not a lot of people have really written about being an ambivert.

Whilst I enjoy the company of others I don't like it for too long and like to retreat back into the comfort of my own home.  I also loved the idea of travelling and meeting new people but when I actually went out and travelled I found it just wasn't for me and again retreated back to my own home.  Before I got married and had a family I used to love spending time in my flat just chilling out and reading and then other times I would crave a social setting, and that would last for a few weeks, so it seemed I had some extravert traits and some introvert traits, but more leaning toward introvert.

In an article I read recently it seems that being an ambivert can be the best type of personality when it comes to being in sales as these traits has a mixture of both the introvert and the extravert.

So I have made up this quick fun quiz for you to find out your personality type: Introvert, Extravert or Ambivert

Take The Quiz To Find Out if You Are an Extrovert, Introvert or Ambivert

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