What Is Your Energy Vibration?

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Colours vibrate at different frequencies. Our energy, as human-beings, also vibrates – what level we vibrate at, says a lot about the state of our mind, body and soul. We can go up and down vibrations, depending on how at peace we are with ourselves and what lessons we need to embrace.

Look at the candles below. Which one are you most attracted to? The candle you pick is the one that most closely matches the frequency you are currently vibrating on (like attracts like):


What is Your Energy Vibration Candles

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Shared with kind permission from Karina Collins – Internationally renowned Psychic from Ireland


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Karina Says: The colour of the moon, this white candle reflects lunar energy. It means your soul is vibrating on a high level, it has a purity and sense of purpose. You came into this life to do something significant, and you have been granted spiritual gifts to empower your progress. Your intuition is advanced, to the point of being highly psychic (mediumship even). You instinctively know when your behaviour is not worthy of you – that is because you are an advanced soul whose job it is to lead by example. Others will follow you when you accept you are meant to lead – you are supposed to be the driving force that makes things happen (at work or in the community). But first you must ignite the lunar energy within you, if you struggle to do so, meditate at night to make your connection (just for 5 minutes, close your eyes and visualise a white light and hold that thought). Traditionally in Wicca (witchcraft), lunar energy is used to put some serious power behind spells, so you have a powerful Light within.
Ps: If you were also attracted to another candle, it means you are also trying to embrace the energy of that candle (the lessons).


Karina Says: Purple is the colour of Jupiter, which is the planet of expansion. By choosing this candle your vibration is rising to a positive frequency, and in so doing will attract luck and abundance. People will start to enter your life and talk to you of new possibilities, you must listen and act on their words, they are sent in guidance. The frequency you are entering will make you more aware of injustices in the world – you may feel angry when you see others being treated unfairly, and you will feel the need to act in some way. Justice, generosity and spirituality are the key messages with this frequency. The more you vibrate purple, the more you will spend time righting wrongs (no matter how small). You are acting out your purpose in doing so (and in response for your selfless acts the Universe responds with abundance).
Ps: If you were also attracted to another candle, it means you are also to embrace the energy of that candle (the lessons).


Karina Says: Red is the colour of passion and courage. By choosing this candle you are preparing either for love or war … your spirit is vibrating and waiting for action and advancement. Sometimes in life we must be brave to push forward with life, to stretch ourselves for spiritual growth. This is one of those moments my dear friend! Some of you need to do battle, to be brave and let go of what (or who) no longer works for you. This will leave space, a sort of cosmic vacuum which the Universe will fill with new opportunities. Others of you are ready for love. For some that means embracing a future with a new partner, it may also mean welcoming a new love into your life – a child, an animal or even a new job, study or hobby. The key is passion, to feel inspired and alive by the love you feel for someone or something. In Wicca, red candles are used to attract true love (be that a person or area of passion). A life without passion is a life half-lived.
Ps: If you were also attracted to another candle, it means you are also to embrace the energy of that candle (the lessons).


Karina Says: Yellow is used to represent Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication. By choosing this candle your vibration is moving to an 'intellectual' level. Your mind wants to learn, to study … to absorb new things. Yellow is associated with movement and new beginnings. No matter what age you are, you are urged to keep learning – that is how your spirit grows and your vibration continues to rise to the next level. If you chose this candle it is a sign you currently have one foot on Earth, and one in the spiritual realm. This means you feel the connection of the spirit world around you in your daily life (some of you are more advanced in this awareness than others). You are guided, by the yellow vibration, to study or read about subjects that allow you to make a difference – that may be to teach, heal, look after animals, tend nature, counsel ….. It is never too late to learn, as long as there is breath in your body. Absorb the power of this vibration and expand.
Ps: If you were also attracted to another candle, it means you are to embrace the energy of that candle (the lessons).


Karina Says: Green is associated with the heart chakra, it is symbolic of feeling whole, healthy and emotionally balanced. By choosing this candle your vibration is reaching out to the Universe, to attract balance into your life. Green is associated with nature, fertility and growth. This is a time of earthly abundance, to live more simply and appreciate the simple pleasures of life. It is only when you truly appreciate what you have (the lesson of this vibration) can you move onto a higher frequency. From time to time, we all lose our way in this often challenging world, and we return to this frequency to regain our balance. It is like going back to the womb for renewal. It is where the birth of new and exciting ideas originate. It is a creative time – for some it literally means babies, for others it means eating healthy, taking care of your body, 'me time' – or indulging in simple creative expression – cooking, gardening, crafts, writing …
Ps: If you were also attracted to another candle, it means you are to embrace the energy of that candle (the lessons).


Karina Says: Your vibration is rising to an enlightened level. Blue is associated with water, and consequently healing, psychic abilities, dreams and developing intuition. It is linked to the mystical planet Neptune which rules psychics and healers. If you are not ready to 'rise' with your vibration you are likely to experience mood swings, highs and lows with a few weepy moments (for no reason at all). Your sixth sense is being activated, and it can be confusing to those who are not aware they are intuitively gifted. Embrace the energy shift around you – trust your instincts, trust the signs you are receiving … they are leading you to a New World Order in which you are to play a lead role. Accept you are gifted and move forward with it.
Ps: If you were also attracted to another candle, it means you are to embrace the energy of that candle (the lessons).


Karina Says: Contrary to popular belief, black is not the colour of 'evil', but the colour of self-protection and introspection (looking inward). We need to know ourselves before we can advance in this earthly world. We need to know what we want before we can go after it. By choosing this candle your vibration is saying 'stop and think'. In Wicca black candles are used to summon the Goddess Hecate because she illuminates the path ahead. This is a powerful time because that inner voice (your soul) has all the answers you crave – your life purpose, knowledge on relationships and much more. It's already within you, so use the power of this black vibration to go within and retrieve the answers you seek. This means spending some quality time alone, go for a walk in nature, sit in a cafe and watch the world go by, daydream … be aware of the thoughts that pop into your head out of the blue when you 'zone out' of your daily life. That is your inner voice. Be prepared for a few surprises! But also be prepared to follow the guidance.
Ps: If you were also attracted to another candle, it means you are to embrace the energy of that candle (the lessons).


Which one  did you pick, did it make you think and is it accurate to where you are right now in life? Please leave a comment below!

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