The Top 50 Personal Development Blogs of 2011

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#10 – Sandi Amorim

Sandi received a lot of votes for her blog at Deva Coaching, with good reason. With regular updates, adn great interaction with her readers Sandi's blog can only grow in 2012.

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#9 – Jonathan Mead

I love Jonathan's writing and his no nonsense approach to life. His online activities have influenced me a lot over the last year, and he is influencing the world with his products.

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#8 – Farnoosh Brock

I've never met anybody with so much energy, enthusiasm, and passion as Farnoosh. Although, primarily, a travel blog, Farnoosh gives a healthy dose of personal development throughout her blog articles.  

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#7 – Jonathan Wells

Jonathan has been blogging nearly as long as me and he is still producing excellent articles week in, week out.  I love his style of writing, teaching without patronising, and is almost fatherly like advice.

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#6 – Barrie Davenport

Barrie has been blogging since 2009 and her posts get better with every passing year.  A prolific writer and producer of great products like Discover Your Passion and The Habit Course with Leo Babauta and Katie Tallo.

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#5 – Tess Marshall

Tess is another writer whose passion for life shines through in every single post. Her willingness to help and connect with her readers is evident throughout her blog.  A real kindred spirit.

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#4 – Pat Flynn

Category Winner –
Best Finance Blog of 2011

Even if you're not interested in reading about making money online, Pat's blog is a rivetting read. It's also inspirational in so many ways.

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#3 – Danielle LaPorte

I think Danielle is a genius.  I bought her program 'The Fire Starter Session' and fell in love with her writing ever since then.  Her 'cut to the chase' attitude, and no nonsense approach to life is just so refreshing.

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#2 – Therese Schwenkler

Therese's blog is another new one to me.  When I visited her blog I immediately loved it.  The design, the look, the feel of it and of course the writing. I love her conversational writing style, her no BS and her interactions with her readers.

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