The Top 50 Personal Development Blogs of 2011

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#30 – Shane Ketterman

Although primarily about helping your business, Shane's blog is a great source of personal development material. I love his breezy, conversational style of writing and his down to earth approach to business, telling it like it really is, without the hyperbole.

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#29 – Stuart Mills

Stuart writes excellent articles over at his blog, that are insightful and practical for everyone.  I also like the way he is networking with the personal development community and really adding value for his readers.

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#28 – Jimmy Tong

Not the best laid out blog in the world, but it's the content that Jimmy has that makes his blog so good.  Someone with a sense of humour, fun, and great attitude to life, his blog posts are always great to read.  His interactions with his audience is also great to see.

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#27 –

#26 – Sol Vaadal

The thing I love about Sol's blog is that it's a little different.  The first thing that struck me was the layout of the design.  After that the posts spoke about everything from astral projection, to personal development, and I loved some of the posts she has written.

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#25 – Melody Fletcher

Melody's blog is another new one to me, but I loved her style as soon as I started reading a few of the posts.  Her blog is mainly about the Law of Attraction, but she puts her own spin on it using stories from her personal life to make it more real and accessible.

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#24 – John Sherry

John Sherry is possibly one of the nicest guys you could meet online.  If you ever see his comments on others blogs you'll know him to be wise, funny, and kind.  He has two blogs running, but the one for this award is for 100percentchampions, which is sports related with a twist, it's about motivation spirituality and personal development.

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#23 – Tammy Strobel

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Best Simple Living Blog 2011

Tammy's blog really hit something in me when i checked out her blog posts. There's something real, genuine, and passionate about her writing I really loved.

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#22 – Fred Tracy

Fred's blog has a mixture of everything in it from LOA to consciousness.  This is one of the reasons I like it so much, that and his style of writing.  He writes from personal experience and shares it with his readers.  he also interacts well with his readers which is a must when blogging.

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#21 – J K Allen

I Love J K's blog.  Primarily business, and marketing, but like a lot of business and marketing blogs there's a huge to learn about personal development and J K's posts do this with aplomb.

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