The Top 50 Personal Development Blogs of 2011

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Okay it's finally time to reveal the Top 50 Personal Development Blogs of 2011.

This has been a mammoth task for me and has literally taken me over 30 solid hours to complete this one post, you'll see why as you go through the list.

With over 200 nominations and nearly 700 comments on the original Nominations Post I've finally managed to whittle it down to 50 great personal development blogs.


I have tried to be as objective as possible when picking the top 50 Blogs, and the following criteria helped me with this:

1. The blog has to have a post at least every 10 days

2. The blog has to be more than two months old

3. The blogger has to show good interaction with their readers via commenting

4. The blog has to have at least 2 comments on each of the 5 latest posts

The above criteria helped me whittle the original 207 blogs to around 120. After that it was purely down to my subjective view of the design, the content, and looking for something unique about the blogger or the blog itself.

The winners

Everyone in the top 50 has a badge they can display on their blog.  You can find these on the last page of this post.

Category winners have their own badge they can display on the blog, again you can find these on the last page of this post.

The overall winner has their own badges they can display, which can be found on the last page of this post.

Okay enough of me going on.  Click on Page 2 below to go to the winners list

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About the author

Steven Aitchison

Steven Aitchison is the author of The Belief Principle and an online trainer teaching personal development and online business.  He is also the creator of this blog which has been running since August 2006.