The Top 50 Personal Development Blogs of 2011

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#40 – Christopher Foster

I love Chris's blog. His wisdom, thoughtfulness and compassion for others is something we can all learn from.  Chris's posts are often spiritual in nature, and his love for life, his wife and for others shines through in all his posts.

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#39 – Dragos Roua

That scary looking bloke on the left is one of the nicest guys you could meet.  He is also a great experimenter of life and writes about it so well at his blog. He's moving on more to the business side of life now, but still comes up with cracking reads.

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#38 – Zeenat Merchant-Syal

Zeenat has that amazing quality of authenticity, kindness, and writing from a place of harmony.  Her blog has been a constant source of inspiration, and her connection to her readers is evident with all her posts, and in the comments she leaves on others blogs.

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#37 – Srinivas Rao

Srini is one of those bloggers who teaches from experience.  He teaches about life and business, and does it with a conversational style of writing that I really enjoy.

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#36 – Marcus Baker

At first glance Marcus's blog is rather ordinary, however when you look under the hood, the content is what makes Marcus such a popular blogger.  he is insightful, intelligent and really engages with his readers, which I think is great.  

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#35 – Lori Gosselin

Like a few others, Lori's blog looks like a fairly average blog, but looking past the design you get to see the great community that Lori has built up over the last year.  I love the story of how the blog came about as well.

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#34 – Robin Easton

I adore Robin and her writing.  She is a writer with passion, sincerity, love, kindness and a spirit of nature.  Here book Naked in Eden is a gem.

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#33 – Katie Tallo

Katie's blog is a joy to read with a mix of simple living, personal development, writing, and personal stories.  I also like the way she interacts with her readers and leaves a comment for each of them.  Katie has done a lot this year working with Leo Babauta and Barrie Davenport for TheHabitCourse.

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#32 – David Cain

David is another blogger who has really started to get noticed in the personal development world.  His blog is a mix of David's take on life nd how to improve life.  he does this by showing how it's done and experiments with life to tell his readers about it.

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#31 – Aileen

Aileen's blog is almost like a series of life experiments where she aims to live her life by incrementally improving on it day by day.  She teaches this philosophy here, which results in some great posts.

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