The Top 50 Personal Development Blogs of 2011

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#50 – Dia Thabet

Dia has been writing for his blog for over 18 months and always has some refereshing ideas and interesting blog posts.  I also like the feel of his blog, it's all about the content.

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#49 – Gretchin Rubin

Gretchin Rubin is now an international author with her book 'The Happiness Project'.  She deosn't just write and talk about happiness, she experiments and encourages her readers to find their own prescription for happiness in life – Love it!  

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#48 – Joel Runyon

I like what Joel's doing in the blog world.  His philosophy in life is go for what you want and don't make excuses for being you.  The design, the interaction with readers all helped me to make this an easy decision.

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#47 – Stephen Borgman

Stephen has really come on in the blogging world and his blog is a great source of personal development articles aimed at career, business and personal success.

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#46 – Karen Cripps

Karen has come a long way since she started blogging and overcome a lot of things in life.  I just love her spirit and her ability to get on with it in the face of obstacles.  Her blog looks great and she has a great rapport with her readers.

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#45 – Angela Artemis

Angela is someone who, as we would say in Scotland, 'has been here before', a wise soul, with a kind heart and gift for touching others.  A clairvoyant, medium and writer.  Her blog is a place of calm and peace.

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#44 – Stacy Claflin

Stacy is another blogger whom I have admired for a while.  Her blog teaches personal development from a real life perspective and she draws on her own life to help and teach others.

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#43 – Joe Wilner

Joe is a writer, speaker, life coach, song writer, drummer and more. His zest for life is evident from all his blog posts.

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#42 – Alex Blackwell

Alex has been a blogger for a while now, but he consistently writes and publishes quality articles that help you stretch your comfort zone that little bit further.

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#41 – Erin Falconer – PickThebrain

Erin is the Editor in Chief for, but the blog itself has many contributors.  The posts are always top notch, and there's always something new and refreshing when you visit here – Great blog, great writing.

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