6 Simple Ways to Stay Inspired as a Writer

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Ask a writer what they fear most, and they’ll tell you it’s waking up one day and realizing that they have lost all motivation to write. 

Be it an author, musician, lyricist or artist – every creator needs the inspiration to create and get their creative juices flowing. 

Contrary to what many think, you cannot sit around, waiting for inspiration to hit you. Finding inspiration is an ongoing process and it entirely depends on what you do to stay inspired as a writer. 

What’s that, you ask? Here are six ways to stay inspired and never stop enjoying the process of writing. 

1. Read Extensively

We’ve all heard this ‘tip’ before but how many of us actually practice it? 

Reading is one of those things we know we should do but rarely ever get to it. The key to ensuring you read extensively is to devote 30 minutes to 1 hour a day to read a book of your choice and fit it into your daily schedule. 

Another way to be motivated to read is to start a book club or find a reading buddy to discuss the books you’re reading.

Reading is important because it is a great source of inspiration. Whether it’s learning about new writing styles or enriching your vocabulary – reading is sure to make you a better writer. 

2. Maintain a Journal

The best of writers have stated that keeping a journal positively impacts writing.

Journal writing lets you express yourself, organize your thoughts, relieve anxiety and even record learnings and ideas that may come into use at a later stage.

So, whether it’s maintaining a diary or having a personal blog, it helps to be committed to this healthy practice and write everything that comes to your mind. The idea is to not lose touch and write something every day to keep the inspiration going. 

3. Network with Other Writers

Writing can get lonely and there will be times when that can lead to a lack of motivation. 

To avoid getting engulfed by loneliness, you should consider networking with other writers who are possibly in the same boat as you. It helps to discuss your writing woes with someone else and know that you’re not alone.

Find a writing community around you or join an online group to spark conversations with like-minded people. Sometimes, when you are unable to find the motivation to write from within, getting a push or reason to write from elsewhere might just help you get out of the rut.

4. Know your Strengths

Most of us can go volumes on our weaknesses but when it comes to knowing our strengths, we find it hard to think of any. 

Understanding your strengths as a writer is important because it lets you focus on what you’re good at, especially on the days when you’re having a particularly hard time completing a piece of writing. 

So, sit back and give it a thought. What are you proud of when it comes to writing? Is it your exceptional vocabulary, the clarity with which you write, your attitude towards criticism or something else? 

Make a list of all those qualities that you consider to be your strengths and turn to it when you’re in need of some inspiration. 

5. Set Short-term Goals

There is nothing wrong in establishing long-term goals but let’s not forget that setting short-term goals is also equally crucial. 

Your long-term goal might be to grow your freelance business into a content agency, but your short-term goal is about what you’re going to achieve this month, this week and this day. 

Long-term goals give you direction, but it is the short-term goals that motivate you to reach your final destination. So, get into the habit of setting realistic short-term goals for yourself and tracking progress to avoid getting overwhelmed and take those baby steps to get to where you want to. 

6. Take Breaks

We’ve all had instances when we’ve found ourselves procrastinating or worse, pushing ourselves to finish writing something only to realize it needs a lot of work.

At such times, it’s important to listen to our body, give it the rest it deserves and take a writing break. 

Watch a movie, go out for coffee or just take a walk to take your mind off what you’re writing. It helps to come back to it the next day when you’re fresh and rejuvenated – this will let you write better and ensure quality work. 

So, there will be days when you won’t have the motivation to write or won’t be inspired enough but making these six healthy writing habits a part of your life will certainly help you hold on to the inspiration and teach you how to deal with those difficult days without losing hope.

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