6 Toxic Behaviours You Need To Avoid

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You've heard it before, dump the toxic people in your life before they either rub off on you or suck the life out of you. And everyone has that one friend or one relative who, no matter how hard you try to avoid them, you just can't. Though you may not be able to completely avoid them, you can, however, avoid their behaviour. But which behaviours are so toxic that we should just steer clear of them at any cost?

Here's a small list of some of the more toxic ones you need to walk away from.

cyberbullying1. Negativity.

If you happen to catch yourself in the middle of a conversation with a group of people or even one person and negativity seeps in, either try to change the topic immediately or walk away. Politely excuse yourself and go find a happier group of people to chat with. Go seek out the laughing happy ones. When excusing yourself, you can either let the people know why you're leaving (i.e. too much negativity going on in this convo) or offer no explanation at all, however I'd go with the first option. It will make them stop and think about their topic of conversation and if they value you as a person, next time, they will refrain from all the negativity and maybe start thinking more positive too.

2. Low self-worth.

If this is you, start treating yourself better and learn ho w to raise your self- worth. This may mean you will need to start reading self-help books or join groups that offer assistance in this. The internet has plenty of tools and resources to help you with this. Low self- worth is one of the worst forms to toxicity. When we don't feel good about ourselves, we will continue to attract things into our lives that will reaffirm that we are not worthy of anything good. Always remember, life is meant to live joyfully and full of love. Reach out to friends for help if you can.   There is always someone who will be more than willing t o help you raise your self-worth vibration. Start today.

3. Judging and gossiping.

I've grouped these two because they really go hand in hand. People who talk about other people are in a low energy vibration. Nothing good can come from hanging around people like this. If you are one of these people, stop doing this now.   We should all be talking and feeling nothing but love, kindness and happiness about every living thing on the planet. Love makes the world go round, hate hurts us all. There is not hing loving about judging and gossiping. It is hurtful and negative. Don't engage in this type of behaviour and try to stay away from people who do. It will lower your energy to hang with them.

4. Lying.

Even white lies. Any lie. Always speak the truth, no matter how hard the truth may be to hear or say. Nothing good comes from lies. If you've ever been lied to then you know what it feels like. The trust is gone and you will never believe this person again. Integrity goes a long way and is one of the noblest traits you can possess. Wouldn't you rather be known for being trustworthy as opposed to being that person that no one can trust or believe? I opt for the first option there. Don't lie. Ever.

5. Being selfish and greedy.

Uncaring people are selfish and greedy. People who don't care about the world or people around them. They only care about themselves and are only after personal gain. Don't be that person. The world needs more loving and caring people. In this world filled with hate and consumerism, there is also poverty and hopelessness. Always remember stuff is just that, stuff. It means nothing and will never give you pleasure. If yo u want instant gratification go do something nice for someone else. In fact, do it daily, do it all the time. You will sleep better at night too, I can almost guarantee that and people will have more respect for you.

As hard as it can be to avoid negative behaviours from others you always have the choice to either help them work towards a better behaviour or walk away. Don't get stuck in the toxicity and add to it. Help or leave. I always opt to try to help them see a more positive side and if that doesn't work, I then excuse myself. My energy is far more important than theirs. Always.

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