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9 Ways to Create Lasting Change

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1)   Forgiveness

Self forgiveness and forgiveness of others is an essential part of letting go of the past to move into the new.   Forgiveness does not mean you are happy with what happened it means you have accepted the past and are going to leave it there so you can move forward, not a victim, but in charge of your own future and fully in your power.

2) Assessing Your Influences

Time to take responsibility for what you are allowing into your energy each and every day.   Who do you spend the most time around? What music, movies, and media affect you each and every day?   What does your office and home feel like – cluttered with no room for anything new or light and airy so you are allowing for more to enter your life?   Only with this assessment can you begin to make the adjustments you need to ensure you are surrounding yourself with things to lift your energy and not deplete it!

3) Fear and Worry

are useless emotions if you are simply carried away by them and are not looking at them to understand why they are there.   Most fear and worry is not based in the present but is based in the past or the future.   By looking at what you have fear and worry about you can start to come up with other possible positive outcomes for those scenarios.   Putting your energy positively into what could be is a much more useful way to spend your time and will leave you feeling a lot lighter and more empowered than harboring fear and worry!

4) Negative Self Talk

Begin to listen to your inner dialogue.   This is not so you can insult yourself again about how badly you speak to yourself but to recognize what you are continually saying and to stop and ask yourself if you truly believe the dialogue being repeated endlessly.   We are usually are harshest critics.   When we insult and berate ourselves it does not motivate us to change it makes us feel disempowered and that we are stuck in our patterns and behaviors indefinitely. You always have the power to change but first you must start becoming away of the messages you are continually sending yourself so you can begin to be a little kinder to yourself!

5) Self Love

As you find and bring up these past patterns and behaviors in yourself you need to extend unconditional love to your inner being and gratitude for these recognitions.   We are a culmination of our experiences until this point. At any point as we gain new tools and decide we want our life to change – we have the power within us to make that so!   Loving ourselves is key as we pull up behaviors we might have been judge and jury for previously in ourselves. Loving ourselves enough to know we are worthy of the life of our dreams and to create the change we need to sustain that happiness.

6) Gratitude

I feel gratitude is the strongest of all emotions as it combines Presence of Being, Appreciation and Love.   You truly do become a PAL or best friend to yourself when you practice self-gratitude.   Most people if they feel they say or did something wrong will go on about it for a very long time in their heads but do not take the time to give themselves one little bit of gratitude for all the things they did do and say that were wonderful that day. Daily gratitude for yourself creates a healthier self-image.   Gratitude for others and everything that is right in your life in this current moment allows more goodness to come in!

7) Getting Present

Only when we are in the present moment do we have control over our actions and emotions.   Most people are reacting from their past experiences without even having that presence of mind.   When we become present not only can we choose how we will react but we are in the perfect place to receive guidance and tap into our intuition. We have all become so busy with technology running our life most of our days.   In getting into a quiet space by practicing some kind of energy work, meditation, gratitude exercises, saying affirmations or whatever other tools you find that work for you to be in the present moment – you truly tap into the power to change.

8) Moving past resistance

When we begin to change – even if we are making positive changes resistance will appear. We are stepping out of our comfort zone and our ego will have us do things that self-sabotage as well as repeat limiting thoughts that might disempower us to make that change.   Know that the ego is just trying to keep us safe as we are brought up feeling "change is scary".   Be patient with yourself and others as you are implementing these changes in your life.     See yourself on the other side and show yourself the loving kindness you would a close loved one if they were implementing great changes in their own lives!

9) Setting Goals and Intentions

If you don't know what you want how to you expect to receive what you need?   Many people say they want to be happy but have no clue what that even looks like.   Loving yourself enough in the now to know you deserve all the goodness available to you and then setting goals in your life in all areas; relationally, emotionally, mentally, physically and financially and taking even one baby step forward in any one of those areas tells the Universe you are in fact ready for change and are taking action the Universe responds in turn!


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I love teaching people how to access their inner self so they can love themselves and create lasting change. My book, A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform Your Life guides the reader through 30 very short and easy exercises to transform their lives. I went from a prognosis of life in chronic pain and the possibility of being in a wheelchair to health, happiness, healthy relationships including my dream partner and a career that fulfills me in every way. Change is possible and it does not have to be difficult. Love yourself enough to know you can do this and you truly deserve all the goodness the world has to offer!