5 Things You Need To Stop Wasting Time On

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Like you, some days there are many things I should be doing but get too distracted and end up not doing any of them. And then there are those things that I shouldn't be doing, the time vampires, that I waste too much time doing and end up not getting any of the important stuff done. Thankfully I am rather focused so I don't let these vampires get the better of me but every now and then it happens. How often do you get sucked in by a time vampire ?

In my opinion, these time wasters are also distractions. Almost like procrastination but not quite. We know we have a very important task or job that needs to be done and quite frankly, we are dreading it, so we welcome in the distractors.

It's not just distractors either. Sometimes we just get sucked into something else that we clearly need to stay away from. Let's have a look and see what some of these things are.

1. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram …

.need I go on? You knew this was going to be number 1 too didn't you? If these aren't the biggest time distractors of all time then I don't know what is. Mobile technology has made it easier for us to keep in touch but we have to learn to set limits. There is nothing more disturbing than to see couples and families at a restaurant or supposedly enjoying family time and everyone has their phone out scrolling FB or whatever social media network they happen to be addicted to. When did our devices become more important than human interaction? Stop wasting time with these an d spend more time with the people who can give you more than your cell phone can. One day these people will be gone.

2. Negative people.

No really, just stay away from them. As soon as they start spewing negative stuff immediately walk away. It really is that easy too. If walking away isn't that easy of an option how about trying to change the topic of conversation? Negative people just want to talk about negative stuff and engage in negative behaviours. Don't waste any more of your precious time with them. Your time and energy are too valuable to waste with this type of behaviour and these people and that's exactly what it is, a waste of your valuable time.

3. Television is a time vampire.

Really. I'm not talking about watching movies. I think some movies are extremely fun and entertaining, especially on cold evenings when you want to cuddle up with the one you love or your kids and giggle at some animated characters. I'm talking about senseless and mindless reality TV, news, and other toxic programming that really will just leave you sad or feeling helpless in this world of hate, war, consumerism and anger.   Remember in this world there is also love and laughter and joy. Always find room for that and don't let poor TV shows take that away from you.

4. Complaining about your life.

There's a saying that goes something like this if everyone in the room was to put all their problems in a pile in the centre of the room and you were told to pick you, chances are you'd pick yours back out (or something very close to that). The meaning? You probably don't have it that bad and others have it way worse than you. Look around you. Homelessness, poverty, job loss, violence. You complaining about your boss being a jerk probably isn't that important to a person who just got laid off after working for a comp any for 25 years and now have to struggle to find a job again. Try to look at all the good in your life instead of complaining about the little bad things.

5. Busyness.

Learn to schedule errands and other things in your day so you can actually take some time for you to enjoy life. Too many of us get so caught up in day to day busyness that we forget to see and enjoy the beauty around us. The beauty that life has to offer. There are things we want to do and things we should do but don't get to do them because we are *too busy*. Get those words out of your vocabulary and start making time for you. To laugh, explore, love, go on adventures, just sit and read a good book and enjoy.   There may come a day when you won't be able to do any of these. Choose them now.

Life truly is beautiful and we need to learn to enjoy it in all its glory before our time runs out. No one wants to live with regret.

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