The Top 50 Personal Development Blogs of 2011


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Okay it’s finally time to reveal the Top 50 Personal Development Blogs of 2011.

This has been a mammoth task for me and has literally taken me over 30 solid hours to complete this one post, you’ll see why as you go through the list.

With over 200 nominations and nearly 700 comments on the original Nominations Post I’ve finally managed to whittle it down to 50 great personal development blogs.



I have tried to be as objective as possible when picking the top 50 Blogs, and the following criteria helped me with this:

1. The blog has to have a post at least every 10 days

2. The blog has to be more than two months old

3. The blogger has to show good interaction with their readers via commenting

4. The blog has to have at least 2 comments on each of the 5 latest posts

The above criteria helped me whittle the original 207 blogs to around 120. After that it was purely down to my subjective view of the design, the content, and looking for something unique about the blogger or the blog itself.

The winners

Everyone in the top 50 has a badge they can display on their blog.  You can find these on the last page of this post.

Category winners have their own badge they can display on the blog, again you can find these on the last page of this post.

The overall winner has their own badges they can display, which can be found on the last page of this post.

Okay enough of me going on.  Click on Page 2 below to go to the winners list

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Some Amazing Comments


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  • Wonderful list!

    By the way, some of the great bloggers on Personal Development Niche like Zenhabits, don’t have their comments open, for them, they’re focusing on writing and sharing knowledge, on the time save on replying and engage with hundreds or even thousands of great readers.

  • Thanks, these are fantastic. It’s the first time I’ve come across your blog too and I’m bookmarking it. Very useful ‘stuff’ on here.


  • Wow theres quite a few very good personal development blogs. I guess i will have to work harder so i can make it into the top 2012 personal development blogs =D

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  • Hi Steve,

    Believe it or not it was only a couple of days ago that someone alerted me to the fact that I had secured a position as one of the CYT Top 50 Personal Development Bloggers of 2011.

    I was totally astounded. Unfortunately I have been a little out of the loop for most of December and January so had no idea I had even been nominated. To be honest my blog has been in transformation for so long that I would not even have considered myself a contender for nomination.

    So my apologies for missing the party! Had I been aware I would have nominated others myself.

    Thank you to those who nominated and supported me and to you Steve, thanks for coordinating all of this and for taking the time to review my blog.

    I am both surprised and humbled to be included with so many wonderful personal development bloggers, all of whom are devoted to teaching, inspiring and uplifting others.

    By the way Steve, the link to my blog that you are using is an old one when I was still experimenting with having a static home page. The correct link is now

    Thank you!


  • What a fantastic achievement putting this list together. My congratulations.
    I have only found you recently via your animated videos. Well Done and have a great 2012.

  • Oh my!

    I didn’t even KNOW I was on the list until today!
    Thank you for compiling this! It’s a great way to reach out to people, and community is what it’s all about, huh? And self expression.

    Thank you Steven, and thanks to everyone else for sharing their insights with their own blog and comments. It’s a nice thing to see people come together like this.

  • What I didn’t make the list?! Seriously, I truly aspire to one day be in the ranks of such good company. Though many of the blogs listed I am not familiar with, I look forward to reviewing them and learning from all the amazing insights these bloggers have to offer the world.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Steve,

    Just stumbled onto your blog and this list today. I was looking for some new blogs to follow in 2012.

    One person who is not often thought of as a personal-development writer is Seth Godin. He writes mainly about marketing, but actually many of his blog posts are invariably about mindset and success.

    I find that a lot of blogs, on vastly different topics eventually end up straying into talking about mindset and success in that field. It’s inevitable, because most people don’t just want to know dry information about a topic, they want to know how to achieve success in it.


  • stumbled here reading Chris Foster’s facebook update…. wow – can’t imagine how many blogs you’ve read! thanks for slaving through and making it easy for us to navigate. Congrats to the winners. I’ve only just joined the blogsphere more actively these past few months and I find everyone so encouraging. THis list really helps us “newbies” to focus our writing and also what we are doing with positive energy!
    Noch Noch

  • hello steve

    how are you?

    thanks for taking time out to compile the list of bloggers/blogs votes, profiles… etc

    it’s certainly a lot of hardwork.

    one of the things i’ve always admired about you is your efforts in helping people climb a step up the blogging ladder.

    it’s one thing that makes you stand out each time and i am speaking from my personal experience with you.

    here’s wishing you and your family a lovely christmas.


    hi ken

    you totally deserve this award.

    you cover so much area in your articles and there’s always something to ponder on.

    enjoy the moment and i look forward to more progress in 2012.

    take care and enjoy the rest of the day.

    • Thank you, Ayo! It’s been a thrill to be published in your awesome e-publication, Life Skills Magazine. You’ve always been so supportive and encouraging of what I do and I deeply appreciate that, my friend.

      I look forward to both our growths in 2012! The journey will be a hoot!

    • Hi Ayo, it really has been an honour getting to know you over the last few years, and you’ve done an amazing job with your Life Skills magazine, maybe get it into print next year :)

      I wish you and your family a Great Christmas and New Year Ayo and looking forward to connecting with you more in 2012

  • What an honor to be a part of this list Steve. Thanks so much. You have no idea how much your work has inspired what I’ve done in the past year or two. Here’s to very big things to come!

  • seeing here many interesting blog. i clicked to view some of them. I am now looking forward to hearing results. What a pity that I am late this time, next time I am a winner.

  • Steven, thank you so much for this magnificent list of fantastic reading.
    I’m going to enjoy weaving my way through this selection over the holiday break.
    I know how much work and time that something like this would take and you are appreciated.
    SUPER CONGRATULATIONS to everyone selected in the final 50! What a thrill.
    Enjoy a very happy & fun festive season. Keep making a difference throughout 2012.
    Best wishes to you Steven & to all blogger friends. :)
    Cheers, Thea

    • Hi Thea, it was great to get to read your blog again, I haven’t visited in a long time 😳

      I wish you and your family all the best for Christmas and New Year Thea

      Here’s to an amazing 2012 :)

  • Steven, what a great journey, my friend! Thanks for highlighting some of the most life-changing websites and web authors on the Internet. people who are really making a difference in the lives of others. I think it’s incredible, and I think your own site should be in that top 10, though the ones in there are incredible!

    Appreciate you, my friend! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  • Congratulations Ken! You’re truly a winner! The mix of your wisdom, warmth, love, and humor is not only inspirational, but also reassuring and comforting. Your blog is now part of my daily life. Thanks!

    • I can’t tell you how much that means to me, Rusty. Thank you so much. And you should know that my readers are very much a part of my daily life as well. I am at least as inspired by all of you.

  • Wow Steve, this was above and beyond. What an incredible project. I think Ken is awesome and it is reassuring to know that so many others feel the same way. Congratulations Ken, you totally rock.

    Steve, this whole project has made me realize that you are the glue that holds a large community of incredibly positive bloggers together and helps us to appreciate one another, not just as individuals, but as a collective team that is dedicated to creating positive change in the world around us. Just reviewing the top 50 and realizing that I know almost all of them was a real aha moment. I am honored to be part of such an amazing group and I commend each and every one of you for your loving contribution. The world need you all.

    • You nailed it, Jonathan! We are all part of a team that’s engaged in the same thing: providing others with a forum whereby they can learn and grow and overcome and reach something a lot closer to their full potential.

      As for me, I’m just good at learning from everyone else!

      Be good, my friend!

    • Hi Jonathan, as ever your words make me feel as if I am on the right track. You and your blog have been inspirational for the last few years and I am honoured to have you as a friend, and mentor. Your blog touches, and changes, so many people and long may it continue.

      Here’s to an amazing 2012 for all of us.

      Wishing you and your family a great Christmas and New Year.

      Speak soon buddy.

  • That’s a great list Steve and I am sure a lot of people will benefit from it.
    You always find new ways to help people. And with this list, you have helped both readers and bloggers alike.
    Congratulations to all those who made it to the list.
    Best wishes for the years ahead.

    • Hi Rahul, I so wanted to put your blog in the top 50, but it was difficult picking this list as there are so many great blogs, like yours, out there.

      Have a great Christmas and New Year Rahul.

  • What an incredible post! Thank you very much for taking the time to put this together. I did recognize many of the blogs but thanks for introducing me to so many more!!

    Some really great blogs here. Now I have a lot of reading material for the holidays!!

    Congrats to all the winners and to anyone who made the list. Way to go!


    Marty Green

  • Oh look at all the love in the room Steve: you have made so many people feel great, how cool is that.

    I am very chuffed to have made the list, especially as I know I don’t follow the traditional personal development approach. It’s funny how we all – or most – of us seek external validation, even though we write about finding happiness within!

    But who cares, I am liking being on this train :-)

    Congratulations to everyone on the list, and a huge well done to you Steve for giving so much to blog land.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas break with your family and wishing you even more blogging success in 2012 – if that is even possible.



    • I am on that train with you Karen and it’s going all the way to Happyville :)

      You’ve done brilliant this year and I sincerely hope it continues into 2012.

      Have a great Christmas and New Year Karen.

  • Hi Steve,

    Thank you for bringing an early Christmas to me, I really do appreciate it. I certainly didn’t expect to see my name up there considering the vast amount of amazing personal development blogs, but up there I am 😉

    Thanks again, and thank you for all the incredible wisdom you yourself put out on Change Your Thoughts. You deserve your own award :-)

  • Wow Steven! This is an amazing list of people and you’ve obviously put a lot of time and effort into this post – thank you so much for including me on it, and as a Category winner too, that just totally made my day – thank you! Congratulations to all of the winners, and especially Ken for the top spot – amazing work, everybody! Happy holidays and here’s to an amazing 2012.

  • Hi Steven,

    I loved this whole event and I appreciate your organised efforts in putting these together. Kudos.

    Congratulations to all. They all are great resources in personal development area.

    Personal Development | planetnaveen recently posted..Release

  • Steven, Thank you so very much for including my blog in the top 50 personal development blog. You just made my hear sing.

    Thank you for taking on this wonderful and mammoth project; there are many blogs here that I don’t yet know, and I look forward to visiting them. It’s wonderful to find “new” blogs, ones we haven’t met yet. There really is some wonderful life changing wisdom that comes from all over the blogosphere and it’s great to have this as a resource for finding such gems.

    I wish you the very best 2012 filled with blessings beyond measure.

    CONGRATULATIONS Ken at Meant To Be Happy!!

  • Steve,

    You’ve just given me a year’s worth of people to interview. HAHA. Thanks so much for including me on this list. I’m really honored to be included amongst such incredible company. Looking forward to checking out all of these blogs.

    • Hi Srini, glad I could help out 😉

      I love what you’re doing, both at your blog and with your various business ventures, great to see you’re doing so well.

      Have a good one buddy, and we’ll hopefully speak more in the New Year.

  • Hi Steven,

    This is something major for me. Me on this list? You gotta be kidding!

    I can’t tell you how finding my site on this list feels like. All I ever wanted to do with Life Architects was to share what I know about personal development. Thank you for selecting my site into this list. I am still speechless.

    Not only that, I think we have now been introduced to a whole new lot of friends online. There are so many bloggers on this list that I have never met before. I am so excited at the prospect of just checking them out. This is truly a great Christmas gift for me. Thank you so much.

    Thank you for compiling this list. It definitely required a huge effort to pull this off. Bless you Steven!

    • Hi Jimmy. I am so glad this made you feel this way. I only recently discovered your blog and as I read more and more of your posts I couldn’t believe I hadn’t come across you before.

      This is what the award was meant to do, to bring more bloggers together in this niche and showcase just some of the great talent we have in this field, and i have loved reading everything over the last few weeks.

      Bless you too Jimmy, hope to connect with you more in 2012.

  • A big congratulations to Ken for winning the “top spot” and Justin for the newcomer award!

    Steven, this looks like a huge undertaking. There are so many fantastic people on this list, many friends and many more who I will now have an opportunity to visit, so thanks for that!

    Best wishes for a wonderful 2012 to all.

  • I haven’t read all of the comments so apologies if people have mentioned this before, you have not put any copy specifically about her in Zeenat’s box.

  • Hi Steve,

    Wow Steve, this is SUCH an incredible gesture of love, generosity and kindness. You hard work in putting all this together is so very much appreciated, and I am in a space of deep gratitude for you thinking of me, my work and sharing what you did about it.

    Thank you again for all your work for the blogging community and the world, in helping people live with more quality and happiness. I am so touched by this and thank you also for giving me such an awesome holiday surprise!

    Wishing you all the best during the holiday season and whole new year through!

    • Hi Evita, thank you for your kind words.

      I really do love what you’re doing at your blog, and helping so many people at the same time, it’s great to see.

      I hope you have an even better year next year Evita :)

      I wish you and your family all the best for Christmas and the New Year.

  • I enjoy what you guys tend to be up too. This kind of clever work and exposure! Keep up the terrific works guys I’ve included you guys to my own blogroll.

  • Hi Steve,

    You Rock my friend. I am so happy that you focused primarily on new and up and coming bloggers. We all need that push from a Pro like you to help us get there.

    I know that this took up a major amount of time in your life and I am sincerely grateful that you took your valuable time and energy to do the Top 50 Personal Development Awards for 2011. :)

    A big CONGRATULATIONS to Ken at Meant To Be Happy for winning the #1 Spot. His blog is one that when I comment on I have to make sure my answer is well thought out or he will call me on it. :)

    And for all of my friends and supporters who helped me to win the Best Newcomer for 2011, I want to say THANK YOU and BLESS YOU.

    Take care my friend!

    • Haha! How would you know?! You’re comments are always so well thought-out, Justin! :) You have a unique product you present to the world, my friend. I’m always honored when you stop by to leave your thoughts.

    • Hi Justin, congratulations to you, you totally deserve it. The support you got was great, but your writing really does shine and add value to others lives.

      Have a great Christmas and new year Justin.

  • Steven,

    Thank you so much for your tremendous effort here. You have enriched the lives of many people with your initiative, and for sure, you have enriched my life.

    It’s a true honor to be included in your list. But beyond that, I want to say I feel this can be a turning point for me (and I’m sure others) as I head into 2012. It really is possible to succeed at this game isn’t it if you keep giving your best. And do your best to keep learning as you navigate what is a challenging game at times.

    So happy to know you Steven. And a special congratulations to my friend Ken Wert. You couldn’t have made a better choice in a thousand years. Great job mate.

    • Hi Christopher, I felt a little heart tugging as I added you to the list as you have been truly inspirational this year, both as a blogger and a person, and it’s been amazing to see how you’ve grown since I first spoke to you.

      Best wishes to you and JoAnn for the Christmas and New year period.

  • Steve, a million thanks from the “scary bloke on the left” :)) As always, you outperformed any similar attempt at making a well balanced top of personal development blogs. I’m humbled to be part of it, especially since I kinda toned down my blogging for the past months or so. Leaving a bit more room to real life lately. Which, as we both know, creates the seeds for even nicer stories afterwards.

    Once again, all the best to you and yours, Steven, may you all have a wonderful life. And a great 2012, man :)

    • Hi Dragos, thought you would appreciate that comment :)

      I noticed you have toned down your blogging Dragos, and I also know you are focusing on other things, but the writing in 2011 has still be your usual high standard.

      Best wishes to you as well Dragos and have an amazing Christmas and New year.

  • Thank you Steve! I’m still processing it all! There are so many blogs I respect and admire (yours not least of them!) that I’m a bit taken aback by this huge honor. It really doesn’t matter much what’s under the Christmas tree with my name on it at this point. :)

    And thank you everyone for your kindness and congratulatory remarks. I’m deeply touched.

    Steve, I also want to thank you for this format. It has introduced me to some amazing work being done out there by amazing bloggers who I would never have been able to find on my own. I know how I’ll be spending a ton of my time over the holidays: reading all these new gems and sources of insight, wisdom and inspiration.

    Have an amazing Christmas. And thank you once more for this honor.

    • Hi Ken, I literally looked through hundreds of blogs and kept coming back to yours, and as soon as I made this decision it felt ‘right’, and I knew I had made the perfect choice. I really do respect your writing, your values, your principles and all that you stand for. There was also a lot of other rooting for you, so, it really is my pleasure to award you this.

      I think this award has highlighted to me, also, what great work others are doing out there to help others and it’s really heart warming to see this.

      Ken, I wish you and your family all the best for Christmas, and the New year. I sincerely hope 2012 will be an amazing year for you.

      Best wishes

  • Wow Steve. This must have been a tremendous amount of work!! Congratulations on putting this amazing contest together. I’m so humbled and honored to be featured among such talented writers. What an awesome Christmas present! Yay!

    Huge, ginormous, double chocolate hugs for you my dear Steve,


    • Hi Melody, double chocolate jugs received with thanks :)

      I really like your blog and am really into the content you’re putting out there, so it really was my pleasure discovering your blog.

      Have a brilliant Christmas and New year Melody, I’m sure 2012 is going to be a great one for you.

  • Steve,

    I can’t tell you how excited I am to be on this list. With class acts like Rob White and the many others, I’m truly honored to be a part of such a high powered list.

    Thank you for considering me as you built your list. A great gift this was!

    Happy Holidays!

    • Hi JK, I truly like what you are doing at the blog and deserve to be on the list up there. Hope to connect with you more in 2012.

      Hope you and your family have a great Christmas and new year.

      Take care.

  • Thanks so much Steve for this tremendous contribution. I’m delighted to be included on this list which truly must have been a labour of love for you. As someone’s already said, there are so many inspiring folks on this list: some of them knew to me, some have become friends.

    It is this generous spirit of community that I’m thrilled to be a part of!

    • Hi Sandi, It was great to see you getting so many mentions and votes for your blog, I can totally see why.

      I really hope to connect with you in 2012, never did get around to that interview :)

      Wishing you all the best for 2012, and wish you and your family a great Christmas.

  • Dearest Steve,
    You are truly so good at what you do. Look at this list…its not only bloggers or people, but its a labor of love from your part. I cant imagine how long it must’ve taken you to create it. All the precision and color. Its WOW!
    This is my new reading list now :) Some of them are close friends and some are new to me…lot more networking on my part in 2012 hmm :)
    Thank you a million times over…for adding my blog to this glorious list. I’m honored beyond words. And this my dear is my new years gift from you :)
    I agree with Robin…you are pure Hero material!!
    Sending you lots of love and Seasons greetings,
    p.s. the text corresponding to my blog I think needs to be updated :)

    • Hi Zeenat, wonderful to see you on the list, you continue to shine and lead the way for many people in the world and I am honoured to know you.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      All the links have now been fixed, forgot to publish the pages, as I built every winner a separate page with more info :)

      Have a brilliant Christmas and New Year Zeenat. I think 2012 will be even better for you.

  • Wow. What a stupendous job, Steve! I am thrilled one of my nominees made it to the list – Angela Artemis. 😀 Feels as though I’ve won, because I’ve got some fabulous reading to do!

    This link is going into my E-library.

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

    • Hi Vidya

      I did look at all 207 blogs and looked at yours along time, and it’s tough when whittling it down, but I know you’ll do brilliant in 2012 as you did in 2011.

      Have a brilliant Christmas and New Year Vidya.

  • Wow. What a great list Steven. I have several friends on the list. Some are just awesome. Jk Allen designed my website, Lori Gosselin, John Sherry and Jk have been supporting The CARE Movement since day one. So happy for them as well as Melody, Rob, Farnoosh & Srini. Ken is well deserving as #1. He is just an all around good guy.

    They all CARE, as you do Steven. So glad I found this list. I will be following you too, now. Thanks again & take CARE.


  • Steve,
    I’m really thrilled and touched – and surprised to have made the CYT list!
    I hoped that if it was meant to be, it would come about on its own. I’m truly honored and so grateful to all the PbI supporters and to you too.

    Thank you sooo much for doing this. I know it was an enormous undertaking!
    Congratulations to ALL the fabulous bloggers here and to all the supremely talented bloggers who were nominated too!
    My best wishes to everyone this holiday season,

  • Dear Steve, I am SO touched to be included in this list. You brought tears to my eyes dear friend. You put a lot of thought and work into the list. And it is amazing to see how fast you are growing and how much you are doing. You are my HERO! :) You have amazing energy, spirit and personality. Thank you from my deepest heart. I am more honored than I have words to express. My heart is filled with joy. HUGE hugs, Robin

    • Robin, you’re an absolute Gem of a person and I have so enjoyed getting to know you better in 2011, and reading your book, which was a joy.

      I know you’re going to have an even better year newxt year and sincerely wish you and S all the very best.

      Have a brilliant Christmas Robin, and I hope to catch up with you soon.

      Hugs right back at you :)

  • Wow Steve — I am so honored to be include and so impressed with the group of bloggers you’ve chosen. Ken is an amazing man and blogger, and I’m glad you have chosen someone new who has so much to offer. Thank you for all you do to support other bloggers and inspire your readers.

  • Steve, firstly thank you so much for putting together this award. It clearly took time and effort and commitment for you to create it and it speaks volumes about your true nature and contribution to a better world and better life for people. Thank you Sir for all you do!!

    WONDERFUL decision on Ken as the winner. I’ve been connecting with Ken since his early days and he adds so much, brings positive energy, real insight, upbeat optimism, and a can-do brightness to everything he touches. I am so pleased he won because he deserves the accolade for all the input he makes and how he supports everyone without ever asking anything. A great man, great blogger, and a great human being. Congratulations Ken, fully deserved in every way!!

    Steve, thank you again for being included and being able to be involved. Just being among these awesome people is prize enough but getting into the top 25 has made my Christmas – honestly and truthfully.

    I wish you the happiest of Christmas times and a New Year full of the best surprises and successes. Blesses and blisses, keep the vibe alive. In peace.

    • John, thank you. I have loved reading your posts, although I don’t comment on many blogs now (time factor) I do read a lot of blogs and yours is one of them.

      You really are an inspiration and I love your insights..

      Ken is definitely a worthy winner, even reading his comments on others blogs shows what type of person her is.

      You totally deserve your top 25 position John and I really hope to connect with you more in 2012.

      I wish you and your family all the best and wish you an even better 2012.

      Take care my friend.

    • Thanks, Joe! I’m really left a bit speechless. As for the picture, at my very center, I’m a family guy. My favorite place is home. So a picture that hints of that was a no-brainer when I first started looking at what photo I would splatter all over the net.

      And thank you for all you do at Shake off the Grind. I am continuouly inspired and enlightened and instructed. Thanks for that!

  • Hi Steve,
    Thanks for all that you contribute to the blogging community. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and sincerity. You go above and beyond what is needed to make authentic connections to new and seasoned bloggers. Thank you and I wish you a healthy, wealthy and happy 2012.

    • Hi Tess, thank you for your kind words.

      I wish you and your family a Brilliant Christmas, and a very happy New year. 2012 will be another brilliant New year for you I’m sure.

  • Steven, you’ve truly performed a labor of love putting this list together. Thank you for your huge value added contributions to the world of internet marketing and personal development. I’m honored to have met you and to be able to work with you :)

  • Few of them are good. Scott really deserves to win. I couldn’t find Steve Pavlina, Chris Gullibeau, Tim Ferriss, Jonathan Mead,Abundance blog at marelisa. They all are awesome for me. Looks like new comers were given more priority. If it is so that’s a great job. Personally i didn’t enjoy the selection.

    • Jonathan Mead is up there Sudan, remember there’s 8 pages in all to this post. The likes of Steve Pavlina and Tim Ferris wasn’t put on to make way for new comers, still there’s 50 great blogs up there.

    • Hi Sudan: Thank you for your kind words about my blog. :-)

      Hi Steve: There are a lot of blogs here that I’ve never visited before, but I’ll be sure to do so now. I love coming across new, great blogs.

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