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Strategies To Keep Facebook Reach High After Recent Algorithm Changes

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Facebook reach is steadily declining for Facebook page owners.  We've had it good over the last few years as business owners and the relationship we have with Facebook.  Now it seems, for many, that relationship is on the decline.

It doesn't have to be…

While everyone is running around panicking saying that Facebook reach is going to zero for page owners, a lot of us are quietly confident, as we know just what to do to keep our engagement high.  When I say high, I mean relative to the average Facebook page.

So what can we do to keep engagement high?

There's lots of different ways to keep our Facebook reach high on our pages, but it requires a little effort on your part.  The effort is well worth it.

I know I've said this before but I'll say it again, we have to think about what Facebook are really looking for when it comes to keeping their readers happy.

Facebook are all about community, in fact they recently changed their mission statement and their slogan which is now 'Bringing The World Closer Together'

So we now know that Mark Zuckerberg is looking to create and build communities for people to come together.

What does this tell us?

Simply put, it means Facebook are concentrating on building a platform that brings people and communities together.  So then the question we have to ask ourselves is: How can i help create a community around my page?


Here are 5 strategies I am using just now to keep the engagement high on my page and help create that community that facebook are looking for.

5 Strategies to Keep Facebook Reach High

Facebook Live:

Facebook live is extremely important to Facebook as it creates that 'community effect' that Facebook are so keen on.  I know on my live shows over on the CYT Page a lot of people have got to know each other well and are even meeting up with each other.  This is amazing when you think  about it.  Your live show can help create a community and bring people together.

So think about starting a Facebook live show.  We have spoken about how to do this many times, but these articles should help:

Everything You Need To Know About Facebook LIVE

5 Amazing Ways Get More Facebook Live Viewers


Facebook recently announced that intent was really important when it came to videos on your page.  Basically what they were saying is that repeat viewership and actively seeking out content from your page is going to be given more importance when it comes to reach for your videos.  (Facebook News, Dec 17)

Now that we know that we can focus our efforts on creating more engaging videos.  I don't just mean sharing funny videos of cats, I mean videos that are educational, enlightening and entertaining (The Three E's)

Read this informative post about video and why it is so important: The Number 1 Trend On Facebook For 2018


In keeping with the spirit of the new facebook mission and slogan, groups have been given a higher priority for facebook.  This means there will be more development for group owners, more opportunities to grow you groups and more engagement possibilities to connect with the members of your group.

They have also given more features within the groups like insights, welcome posts, badges, and in general more control.  This post explains a lot of the newer features: 

So, creating a group around your page should definitely be a priority for you in 2018.

Facebook Messenger Bot

This is a great strategy for building your community and for keeping the reach on your Facebook page higher than the average page owners.

the messenger bot is extremely beneficial for people who want to know more about you and get more content from you.  They optin to have you message them via messenger and you give them great content  and keep your community engaged.

A great post to read more about this is:



What do your readers want?

If you don't know the answer, then simply ask them.  Ask them in polls, with messages on your page to them, with emails (if you've been building up your email list), with messages on the messenger bot.  Just ask.

This is a little know strategy that 99% of page owners do not use and yet it is the simplest strategy of all to help you keep your facebook page reach high and involve your community.


For me Facebook is still THE best platform out there to build a community, build up your influencer status, grow your business and CONNECT.


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