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5 Undeniable Reasons Why Personal Development Coaches Are Showing Up On Facebook

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Coaches choosing to expand their professional journey to create and build a thriving business online is not always an easy one…but it's most definitely a meaningful one to pursue and completely possible!


First, unlike any other time in history, you can grow your online influence, grow your tribe, reach people from around the world with your unique message, with your own style, attracting your perfect client, and (here's the meaningful part)…

You can be part of growing movement raising the consciousness of the world simply because you decided to show up!

First things, first, though…

As coaches and real and positive influencers in people's lives, it's absolutely possible to continue to grow beyond what you thought was possible for your business.  But to do it correctly, you've got to get past the old idea of what "social media" really is.

You see, social media isn't going away…and in fact, it's really an extension of who we are and what we're about.  This alone creates a unique platform for coaches (of all disciplines) to use with amazing opportunities, too.

The way I see it, social media is communication evolved and you have two choices:

  1. Use it in empowering ways and grow your audience (and prospective clients)
  2. Fall through the cracks and scramble to find people who'll listen to what you have to share and offer

The onset of social media has literally forced us to connect in new ways.  It's also forcing all of us to be more transparent. Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg, recently updated (and upgraded) Facebook's mission statement to, "make the world more open and connected."

Social media has not only evolved our way of communicating it's also evolved the way we choose to invest our time, energy, and resources.

It's particularly meaningful for coaches because…

Great coaches care…

They want to serve others and help them live better lives…

They give valuable and healing insight with new perspectives on living and thriving…

BUT…how will anyone know unless you communicate it…and communicate it authentically through the channels of social media?

Why Are More and More Coaches Showing Up On Facebook?


Facebook is the strong leader among all social media platforms. With nearly 2 billion DAILY active users.  Growing and finding an audience in your specific niche is entirely possible without competition. By sharing your message you can grow an audience on Facebook, and in fact, you can grow an engaging audience searching for your services, but for that to happen they have to know you exist.  Simply put, they have to know about you and your area of expertise.  This is marketing with deeper meaning and purpose and therefore attracting your audience.  This alone keeps a steady flow of people coming your way. It's always better to generate an audience flow, then to struggle finding them when you're in "need" of a client.


With nearly 2 billion DAILY active users on Facebook, most coaches find their ideal target market here, too.  84% are between the ages of 30 -49.  Of that, about 12% reside in the USA.  This data helps you delineate where to invest your time and energy on social media…and Facebook rises to the top when you compare it to other social media sites who's bulk audience is likely not your market (59% of Instagram users are between 18-29, 36% of Twitter users between 18-29, 34% of LinkedIn users are between 18-29).

All social media platforms are good, but the thing to consider here with regard to Facebook is where to invest more of your time and energy best.


Facebook gives you the opportunity to share beyond a few seconds of fun. The Facebook audience uses this platform quite differently because people are connecting and sharing in more ways.  From the latest news, to LIVE shows, to groups—including paid (members only) groups—Facebook is designed to connect in deeper ways supporting businesses and dare I say, especially those in the coaching industry.  Facebook takes the lead because over 77% of the adults using Facebook generate an income of $75K or more.

Mark Zuckerberg is supporting the entrepreneurs by making it easier to connect with your audience and prospective clientele through the use of Facebook Messenger and Bots stating, "No one wants to have to install a new app for every business or service they want to interact with it."  If your audience is already on Facebook, then use the convenience of connecting instantly through Facebook. Your prospects and clients will thank you for it.


Facebook remains the leader for most businesses around the world.  Businesses use Facebook to reach their audience.  It not only reaches the masses but more important—it keeps you in front of them, too!   If 79% of internet users across the globe log in to Facebook daily (above and beyond other social media platforms), wouldn't it stand to reason that you, too, must have a Facebook presence?


We can't turn a blind eye to what can only help you grow your business.  Social proof is one way that supplements your potency as a coach but it also opens the door to more opportunities.  Do you want to publish a book? Would you like to get more speaking engagements?  Do you want to start online programs?  Social proof of your engaged audience will only support and even open doors for you as it only empowers your networking circle.

Above and beyond the data and business growth, Facebook gives you the platform to practice and refine your message about who you are and how you can help.  It gives you continuous windows of opportunities to enter people's lives organically and help them with your messages hope and healing.  That's a win-win!

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