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The Snap Judgment Facebook Page Owners Can't Ignore

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Judgment is a natural human behavior, and when properly understood can help clear the path for you to invest your energies for what may work best for you when it comes to your Facebook page.

You have to make that judgment call and fuel what you're in FAVOR OF versus fueling what you're AGAINST.  Not doing this will result in a lot of wasted time, energy and resources fighting against when you can be gaining ground by way of engagement and growing an engaged audience if you take a step back and work with the systems that support what you favor, (systems including Facebook).  No exceptions.

In Steven's recent Facebook REBOOT Challenge, I was taken aback by two things:

  1. How upset (even angry) Facebook page owners are about Facebook.
  2. How VERY important it is to have a growing and thriving Facebook page.

Of the two, where does the investment of your time and energy feel right?  Notice… I didn't say easy.  Just like most things in life, the right choice isn't always the easy choice.

So what keeps a Facebook page growing?  Before I answer that, let's look at it from the perspective of the people you're trying to serve and get engage on your Facebook page (and consider the title of this blog). 🙂

For your Facebook page to stand a chance of surviving you must consider the Facebook page visitor FIRST.

What does that mean?

It's the first impression (the SNAP JUDGMENT made the moment someone sees your page).  Even without all the Facebook algorithm changes, this will always remain a high priority for your page. PLUS… it'll mean it stands a better chance of getting through anything Facebook throws your way.

Of the 2 billion+ people on Facebook every day (and the over 400 new users signing up for Facebook every MINUTE), then it's up to you to keep your Facebook page vibrant with eye-catching images, a stunning banner to grab their attention, first, followed by compelling content that keeps them coming back for more.

What people SEE will determine what they then choose to read…followed by action (by way of a LIKE, a SHARE, a COMMENT, a message, an appointment, and more).

Here are important TIPS to keep in mind:

1.  Think MOBILE.

More than 80% of the content on Facebook is viewed by mobile.  Are your images sized for this?  Is the font size clear and large enough for a small screen?  Over on Your Digital Formula, we recommend square (1000px X 1000px) for high quality images and portrait images (1400px x 1700px).

Beyond size, be sure the images you use are high quality and don't let the image compete with your quotes and your brand.

2.  Think BANNER.

Keeping in mind (again) that most people land on your page via a mobile device, what does your Facebook banner say about your Facebook page?  Does the image or video immediately convey what you want?

Since the banner is a big deal, we highly recommend reaching out to a professional service for this.  You can find plenty of designers at a reasonable cost on Fiverr.

3.  Think 6 SECOND RULE.

6 Seconds.  That's the amount of time you have for someone to make a snap judgment about your Facebook page.  If they like what they see, they'll scroll on your page feed to see more.  What's going on there?   …And here's where I see many miss the boat:  because you may think there isn't engagement happening on your page, you drop the ball.  You stop posting images, stop the video, stop the content and it's just … dead.

This happened just the other day, I thought I had found what I was looking for in my own business, and when I saw the Facebook page, I thought "GREAT" … until I started to scroll on their newsfeed and their last post was June 2017.  Since I was looking for something specific for social media, I didn't bother to look any farther.  Think of it this way—if you Google anything, do you bother going past page 2, 3, 4, 5 or more???  Of course, not… the newest and best will be on that first page of research.

If you're serious about your Facebook game then stick with it "as if" engagement is already happening.  Like opening the doors to a brick and mortar business, receive everyone with the same "welcome and come back again soon" attitude.

4.  Think TEMPLATE

When was the last time you viewed your Facebook page as a visitor?  And then…

Have you updated your template?  
Do you have a featured video (that's recent)?
Do you have a featured image (that's eye-catching)?
Do any of these featured videos or images have a link getting them to a funnel?
Are all of the link directing your audience correctly?
Do you have reviews?

A lot of this is SO EASY to update and as for the reviews—don't be shy—ask a few you trust to help you get started.


5.  Think VIDEO

Ouch… this one is tough for a lot of folks.  We are an evolving world and while I enjoy a good read, video is the way to go on Facebook.  LIVE stream and recorded videos with a great message will go a long way.  Period.

Facebook gets over 8 billion average daily video views. To date, no other evidence nor data shows up differently.  So…  you can invest your time fighting what's already an evolutionary change amongst all social media platforms or you can give it a go.  Video Nation is a great resource for anyone in the personal development industry.  They're pre-made videos, with a positive message—downloadable to use "as is" or add your own logo to them.

Video Nation is that easy?  … yes.

At the end of the day, it's up to you to make the most of EVERY OPPORTUNITY on Facebook.  Be thoughtful about the viewer and give your page real PURPOSE and MEANING with every post.

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