Are You Warrior Enough for This Woman?

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She's been through hell and back and will not stand for anyone walking all over her, ever again. You better not even try. Give her the space and independence that she has sacrificed all her years for. This woman is brave, fierce, bold and ballsy. She's been with far too many boys and regular men and she's done with that. This woman needs a warrior. A brave fierce dragon slaying warrior. Is that you? Some women are quite happy with the simple quiet man that goes to work, comes home, helps with dinner, plays with the kids and then settles down nicely at night with some TV or sweet love making. Or maybe even simple cuddling. And then there's the woman that just wants a warrior.

Young man has some dangerous hobbyThis woman needs a man that can and will face the lion, tame it, bring you a piece of fur as a souvenir and then continue on like nothing happened.

She's got a wild spirit and will jump through hoops for whatever the fuck it is that she wants. You either better be holding the hoop or waiting for her on the other side cheering her on.

There isn't anything that is going to stop her from shining bright and setting the world on fire. If you are up for an Olympic torch run then you're going to get along just fine.

Adventure is in her blood. She craves it, seeks it, relishes in it. Couch potatoes need not apply. This woman wants a man that will look danger and adventure in the eye and roar.

She is fierce and intense in everything she does. Your fierceness should match hers. If it doesn't that's ok as long as you don't try to snuff out hers.

She is passionate and boldly strong. She laughs at fear and loves everything she does. If she stumbles she'll get back up again and try harder next time. She's courageous without hesitation. You better warrior up for this woman.

The shit she's been through in past relationships hasn't made her bitter, just wiser and a bit cautious. She won't put up with your shit so don't even bother. You get it, you totally get it. Treat her with the respect she deserves. Lay your coat down on the ground when it rains. Slay that goddamn dragon for her.

She'll drop everything on a dime to go lend a helping hand whether it be help an old lady with her groceries or stop a moving car from running over a dog on the road. You should be right by her side doing the same thing or better yet, stopping a bus.

Don't try to restrain her or restrict her wildness and feistiness. Match it if you can. Allow it to just be. Embrace it with her and show her that you can be just as wild. She'll love you even more.

You, the warrior, will bring this woman to crazy heights of pleasure with your mind, your passion, your touch and your love. There is no stopping you two when it comes to intimacy. Make her scream, all night long and have you begging for more or for you to st op. You're hot, she's hot. A perfect combination.

Don't waste her time with idle chit chat. She doesn 't want to talk about the weather. She wants to know what courageous battle you are going to fight next, with her, or without her. You better get your sword and shield ready cause she's going on an adventure whether you like it or not but you better like it. She won't hear your complaints.

It doesn't really matter if you work in an office or work on a salmon fishing boat. All she cares about is that you do it with passion, love it and you are an unstoppable force to be reckoned with when it comes to your career. You are damn proud of who and what you are. Make goals, smash them and take names along the way.

This woman needs a warrior. Someone who isn't afraid to show their fierce bold brave badass side but still be humble. She's not playing around this time. Are you warrior enough for her?

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