Be Fit the Right Way: Use the Power of Mindful Eating

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Yes, eating is a mundane thing. Of all the things we do in a day, I think we can all agree, that eating is the only shared activity that almost everyone in the world do. We eat three times a day, not counting the occasional snacks after breakfast, lunch and also the sweets we sneak away in our bedroom for our midnight snacks.

But just how do our eating habits affect our lives?   When I was in college, I used to eat out with friends all the time to various diners and restaurants we could find. It didn't matter if the food was a little expensive, or if it was street food, what mattered was the food looked and tasted delicious.

IntermittentFastingI never paid attention to what I ate. I've never chewed and thought about the flavors of the food I was eating. This was also the time I was gaining weight"¦ For my height 5"2, I was 114 lbs. My BMI calculation told me I was nearly overweight.

Change your life by changing your eating habits

What does it mean to change your eating habits? It's not necessarily about eating another kind of food or diet. It's not becoming gluten free or suddenly joining the Paleo cult.

The problem of these fad diets is they blame our obesity, our health risks, to the food we eat. What if it's not in the food? What if it was in us all along?

No matter how you change your diet by taking out the calories, the fat, adding artificial sweeteners, artificial fats"¦   You can still gain weight if you aren't mindfully eating.

Being Mindful what does it mean?

When you are mindfully eating, you eat with your whole focus on your food alone. Just like what Buddhists do. They are always mindful about the things they do. They do not multi-task. They encourage you to learn to appreciate every detail of your food. From its appearance, it's smell and its taste. You are using your mind to pay attention, and to examine the food you eat.

How Being Mindful Will Benefit You

You will stop over eating. When you are mindful, you will know when you are full or hungry. You will eat with a mindfulness that stems from your stomach not from your impulse and cravings.

There's pleasure in eating. Becoming mindful will help you appreciate the food you eat. From its taste, to its color, to how it's crunchy or fragrant. It's one way of respecting your food.   Being mindful will help you realize just how someone toiled for this food to be at your table now. Many studies have proved that mindful eating results in better digestion and better overall diet, you will never feel bloated again.

Mindless Eating and How It Affects You

Hunger causes Overeating "“ some people overeat when they are hungry and then feel guilty afterwards. To prevent this, take meals at the same time every day.

Emotional eating "“ Did someone break your heart? Some people eat mindlessly when they are sad. They use food to cope with their loneliness, and let food cheer them up.

Eating Rapidly – Eating fast will make you graze the food without even tasting it.

Mindless munching "“ Have you ever munched your food while staring blindly or having your thoughts tucked in somewhere far? During these moments you fail to appreciate your food, you fail to appreciate life altogether.

Easy Steps to Become a Mindful, Intuitive Eater

1. Focus While You Eat "“ Do not surf the web, watch TV, or do things while you eat.

2. Eat Slowly "“ Don't eat like a starving man. Eating without savoring, or taking time to chew will make eating less enjoyable. Eat like you have all the time in the world.

3. Prepare your meals "“ You will appreciate your meals more if you made it yourself.

Final Thoughts

Mindful eating can help avoid weight problems and help us achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle. When we mindfully, eat, we don't only improve our eating habits, we also become better at reaching our weight loss goals. As it turns out, we don't need to restrict ourselves for a specific kind of diet, or avoid our favorite foods. We can be fit the right way.

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