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5 Reasons Why You Should Write Down Your Dreams

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"Write down your dreams," they say. But why? Why put yourself in this strange scenario where you wake up and the launch yourself backwards into your dreams every day?

There are some amazing reasons why we should write down our dreams. Doing it can actually make you more present, more aware and connected with your true self.

great_blog_posts1. HELLO  Unconsciousness!

When you write down your dreams, you are telling your unconsciousness  that you listen to it. And your unconsciousness will start  sending you more and more detailed information that you won't see in an awake, noisy, thought-created reality.

Flexing this subconscious muscle creates more connection between these two.
It also makes you more aware when you are dreaming!

2. LUCID Dreaming:

No, not Lucifer dreaming "¦ lucid dreaming! Lucid dreaming happens when you can control your dreams because you become aware that you are dreaming. Monks that meditate in monasteries have done this since the dawn of time. And when you are good at it, you can create whatever scenario and fly wherever you want without being afraid of being chased by anything scary.

If you meet an object or scenario that is scary, you can ask your  unconsciousness, "What does this mean" and the object / scenario will change and tell you what it symbolizes. It's absolutely wicked cool, and something everyone has to try at least one time in their life!

My lucid dreams are always about flying. One time I asked  my unconscious spirit, "How do you see the world?" The most amazing colors, whales and fishes and animals were flying around in the clouds, and I was flying with them. This moment was one of the highlights of my life so far because it felt more real than being alive.

3. See PATTERNS that keep recurring.

The mind goes back to the unfinished  circles  and tries to work it out. In my dreams, I always came back to the same school I did not finish, and it took me years after I finished for my brain to actually understand  "We completed this – we can move on."

I also have dream scenarios where I keep coming back, as if my  unconscious mind is stuck here. Since my childhood was very traumatic, I keep popping back into some traumatic events, which, over the years, have changed.

Now, I can visit those moments without being afraid. The house has changed colors. I even added some extra flowers and removed a mountain to lighten up the place with some sunshine and colors.

A common pattern you might ex is people you need to talk a  "talk"  with, because you visit them and try to  "explain"  yourself over and over again.

4.  REMEMBER  it and WRITE it down.

If you don't write your dream down, it's lost after just a few minutes. But if you write it down, you are working this  unconsciousness muscle and eventually you will be better and better at remembering more and more  sequences.

The best thing about writing out your dreams and your life in general on a  daily basis is that it helps your mind "jump back"  into the memory and replay it. But, if you don't write it down, you can't click the play button on your memory because there's nothing to remember.

5. A source of CREATIVITY:

Dreams are a good source of creativity, a source of the "free mind" where there are no borders.
They're a source for musicians, painters and writers to indulge themselves in their own second world.

In some cultures, they believe our dreams are an astral (connection with the stars) part of us that visits other places. Why not take a look back and see where you have been flying?

Putting your dreams into a small storybook can be a divine creation that can lead to many laughs with friends and family – or a  conscious  meeting with your own self on a deeper level!

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