99 Essential Positive Affirmations

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I have been using positive affirmations for most of my adult life and know that the subtle changes they have made to my thinking has changed my life beyond measure.

You might think repeating positive affirmations to yourself seems like new age hoo hah, which is kind of what I thought when I first heard Emile Coue's famous affirmation:

Every day in every way I am getting better and better


How on earth can repeating a positive affirmation  like this help you?

It's all to do with beliefs.

Your beliefs underpin every single thought you make, every action you take, every goal you set, every value you have, every habit your form, ultimately leading you to your  destiny in life.  One of the ways your beliefs are formed in life is through repetition e.g. if you were constantly told as a child just how kind you are, chances are you'll believe that you are a kind person.

This can have negative consequences as well such as being told you  are no good enough at something, again, chances are you'll have the belief that you are not good in a particular area of your life.  This is how abusers break down their victims, by constantly telling them how they are no goo, nobody wants them, therefore making them reliant on their abuser.

That's a very brief outline about beliefs, and obviously there's a lot more to it than that, but you get the picture.

So, we can use this knowledge of beliefs and how repetition can help us form new beliefs by using affirmations.

Cognitive Dissonance

When you first start using affirmations your mind will try and reject them.  This is perfectly natural as there's something called cognitive dissonance happening, which means you are trying to hold two conflicting beliefs at the same time.  For example, at the moment, you might believe that you will never have money in your life, and when you start using affirmations like: 'money flows easily to me in my life', your mind automatically says 'Eh! wait a minute, that's bull.  For years you've been telling me I'll never have money, and now you're saying money flows easily to me…what the hell?'

Cognitive dissonance

This cognitive dissonance will fade over time and the more you use affirmations the more your old beliefs will fade away.

So, lets get on to the affirmations.

99 Essential Positive Affirmations

All these positive affirmations are headed under different categories so you can find the ones you might like to use much quicker.

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************You Have Courage************

  • I am  a courageous person
  • I am  not afraid to take small risks in life
  • I  live life to the full
  • I  always say yes to new experiences
  • I  like to meet new people
  • I  have the courage to stand up for myself
  • I  see change as an opportunity to grow

************You Are A Happy Person************

  • I  have a positive outlook in life
  • My  future is very positive
  • Every day I am  grateful for my  life
  • My  life is improving every single day in every single way
  • I  always have a positive attitude when I am  with others
  • I am  always happy
  • I am  grateful for all the good things in my  life

************You Love Yourself************

  • I  love myself deeply
  • I love myself for who I am as a person
  • I am capable of great things in life
  • I appreciate  all the good qualities I  have
  • I  enjoy my  own company
  • I  have many talents
  • I  appreciate all my  positive character traits

************You Are Optimistic************

  • My  internal voice is optimistic at all times
  • My  internal voice is positive and pushing me towards success
  • I  love myself  deeply
  • I  believe I can succeed in anything I set my mind to
  • I  believe in myself deeply
  • My internal voice is positive and strong
  • I have a naturally positive internal dialogue


************You Have Strong Beliefs About Money************

  • I deserve money in my  life
  • I believe in myself and the ability to make money
  • Money is a good thing and will improve my life
  • Being financially independent is possible for me
  • I am entitled to be rich
  • I am good with money and naturally seek it out
  • I am  making more money now than ever before

************You Have A Millionaire Mindset************

  • I  have a burning desire to make money
  • I deserve to make a million
  • I become more and more determined with every setback
  • I always aim for the top
  • I have every right to make large amounts of money
  • I thrive under pressure
  • I am a millionaire

************You Can Say No Easily************

  • I can say No when I need to
  • I feel confident to turn people down
  • I always say no to time wasters
  • I have control over every aspect of my  life
  • I always stand up to people
  • I say no to unproductive activities
  • I am a very assertive person

************You Are confident************

  • I am  very self confident
  • I am  a naturally self confident person
  • I am  growing more and more confident with each passing day
  • I am  outgoing and self confident in social situations
  • I    believe in myself and know I can do anything I put my mind to
  • I am  confident just being myself
  • I  effortlessly start conversations with strangers

************You Can Lose Weight************

  • I can lose weight easily
  • Every  day I am  getting slimmer
  • I  only eat healthy food
  • I  enjoy the weight loss process
  • I  burn calories quickly
  • I  will achieve my  weight loss target
  • I  have a very high metabolism

************You Are Productive************

  • I am  extremely productive
  • I  get things done within my  target time
  • I am  naturally productive
  • I  find it easy to work consistently and be productive
  • I  just naturally get things done and take action when required
  • I am  a productive, motivated and highly driven person
  • I am  productive and successful in all area

************You Have Attracted Your Soul Mate************

  • You will find my  soul mate soon
  • My  soul mate is looking for me right now
  • I  will know my  soul mate as soon as I  meet them
  • My  soul mate is getting closer
  • My  perfect partner is just around the corner
  • My  soul mate and I  will naturally find each other
  • I am  destined to meet my  soul mate

************You Attract Success************

  • I am  attracting success in my  life
  • I  make my own success
  • I  always follow my  plans through to completion
  • I  deserve massive success
  • I am  always positive
  • I  rise to any challenge that comes my  way
  • I  can and will achieve all of my  dreams

************You Live The Law of Attraction************

  • The law of attraction is working for me  every day
  • My  positive thoughts attracts positive circumstances
  • I am  attracting strong friendships into my life
  • I am  attracting financial success into my life
  • I  have the power to attract whatever I  want in life
  • I am  attracting love into my  life
  • I am  always attracting abundance into mylife

************You Are a Positive Thinker************

  • I am  a positive person
  • People admire my  positive outlook
  • I  can do anything I set my mind to
  • I am  positive at all times
  • I  always expect to succeed
  • I  see opportunities everywhere
  • My  Past experiences provide learning opportunities
  • My future is looking brighter and brighter

Well, that's 99 Positive Affirmations for you.  I really hope you can use them in your own life, helping you to become the person you want to be.

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What ones would you add?

Do you have your own affirmations that you use, or would you like to share one of your favourites with us?  If so please share the love and leave a comment below.

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