7 Types of Pain Directly Linked to Your Emotions

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We often suffer all kinds of pain and think nothing about either ignoring it or self-diagnosing it without really taking the take to figure out exactly what is causing the pain. How many times have you thought that pain in your back is simply a result of twisting the wrong way in bed the night before? Eventually you realize that pain is still there, two weeks later, but you just brush it off, take two more Advil's and carry on with your day. At what point do you decided it's time to investigate further to see what that pain is really all about?

When did we suddenly stop taking care of ourselves, physically, spiritually and emotionally? Why do we think we're invincible when we're really not and we do, in fact, actually have to listen to our body's pain signals? I've compiled a small list for you to show you how some of those aches and pains you have been experiencing are probably more than a pulled muscle from a month ago.

Young woman holding neck in pain and discomfort1. Headaches.

These pains are the body's way of telling you it needs something or desperately needs you to do something right away. Migraines and other types of headaches could be you need to not stress so much, you need more water, food, less of something or more of something but first and foremost, most headaches are caused by stress. Your body is telling you it's time to start chilling out and learn to relax more.

2. Neck.

Having a pain in the neck is more than just your neighbour getting on your last nerve. If you are suffering from pain here all the time this is your body alerting you of all the guilt you are carrying around and you need to start letting it go. If you are having a hard time forgiving yourself from something maybe you should take time to use a guided meditation or seek help in order to release this guilt. Guilt serves no purpose. Let it go.

3. Upper back.

This is our need for or the feeling of lack thereof, of emotional support. Either you are feeling unloved or you need to start showing more love to the people in your life. The upper back pain is all about our emotions that have to do with love and being supported. Maybe it's time you start reaching out to the people you love and strengthen those bonds a bit more. Or maybe you are single and looking for love? Go out more and socialize. You never know who you might meet.

4. Lower back.

This is our core so it resonates with having a solid foundation or feeling grounded or sure of our financial stability. This pain, however, is usually tied to finances or the lack thereof. If you are feeling broke or upset about money or your job, these feelings will show up as a pain in the lower back. Try to sort through your money problems and see if they can be resolved. Maybe try spending less on things you don't need or giving more so you can keep the flow of abundance going.

5. Shoulder pain.

The term shouldering a problem rings true here. A lot of us who carry burdens, or problems, will carry the brunt of that pain in their shoulders. It's almost like a monkey on your back kind of feeling. It's there, it's heavy and it puts pressure on you but you don't think you can do anything about it. Well you can, learn to let go of problems that you can't do anything about. In other words, don't worry so much about things you have no control over.

6. Hip pain.

If you constantly feel a pain or tightness in your hips it could be a sign that you are stuck in life somewhere or you are really afraid to change or move forward with something. Stepping out of your comfort zone isn't anything you want to do. It also could be a sign of not wanting to make a major decision about something. Facing fear and being brave is a hard thing to do but when you've done it once and see the results, you will want to do it more. Do it once. You'll see.

7. Knees.

Your knees hurting all the time? Check your ego and see what it's saying to you. Having pains in your knees is a sign that you like things your way or no way, that you have the best ideas and everyone should listen. You aren't open to giving away recognition nor do you want anyone else to take credit for anything. Pains in the knees is your unwillingness to bend. Think about that next time your knees hurt and see what situation is going on in your life at the time. Could be it's time to bend.

Our bodies deserve a lot more credit than we give them. They hold secrets and deep meanings to tons of different stories from our emotions. Pay attention.   These are only a few but there are a slew of health related problems that can easily be fixed by checking where we are in our lives. Have a look.

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