6 Exercises For A Flat Belly That You Can Do Sitting Down

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Are you finding it hard to fit into your favorite shirt or dress? Does your belly stress you whenever you’re getting ready for work every morning? If yes, it’s now time to start working towards a fitter and healthier you. Belly fat not only looks dreadful, but it also exposes your body to several internal problems including heart diseases, diabetes, obesity etc.

There are simple sitting exercises out there that can help you shed some of that belly fat. I know that It sounds too good to be true, but you can get that flat stomach you’ve always wanted by using the following exercises. Below is a list of 6 exercises for a flat belly that you can do while sitting down

1. Bending

Bending works out the stomach sides, the abdomen, and the hips.


– Sit on your chair with your legs flat on the ground.

– Stretch your arms out up to your shoulder level.

– Turn your shoulders and upper body to the left, bend forward, and touch your left foot with your right hand. Maintain this position for about 10 seconds.

– Return to your initial sitting position and spread out your arms out to your sides.

– Now bend to your right, and touch your left foot with your right hand.

– Repeat these steps 20 times, interchanging sides with each bend

2. Knee to elbow lift

The knee to elbow lift exercise is great for your waist. It works out the lower abs and the obliques.


– Sit in an upright posture without touching your chair's backrest.

– Put your hands on your temple.

– Lift your left knee towards your chest. When doing this, bend your right elbow to meet your knee before returning to your initial position.

– Repeat this for 15 times.

– Change your elbow and knee, and repeat the steps for 15 times again.

– Try doing four sets of 15 reps for each side.

3. Knee to Chest Lift

The Knee-to-chest lift stretches the hip muscles to relieve tension, and strengthen abdominal muscles to burn belly fat and improve digestion.


– Sit in an upright posture on your chair with your back straight and not touching the backrest.

– Rest your feet on the floor, and spread your feet wide apart.

– While maintaining an upright posture, lift your left knee and bring it towards your chest. Compress your stomach muscles when doing this.

– Place your hands on your shin and bring your knee nearer to your chest for a better and more relaxing stretch.

– Return to your initial position and switch to your right knee.

– Repeat doing this for 20-30 times while interchanging your knees

4. Double Knee Lift

The double knee lift is great for your lower abs.


– Sit upright on your chair with your feet on the floor

– Hold your legs together and place your hands on the sides of your chair.

– While maintaining an upright posture, lift your knees and push them towards your chest. You should feel your abdominal muscles flexing at this point.

– Gradually lower your feet but don’t let them touch the floor.

– Push your knees back to your chest, and repeat the process.

– Repeat these steps for 10-20 times.

5. Double Knee Lift with Body Side Bends

Apart from giving you a flat stomach, the double knee lift with body side bends tones your waist and oblique muscles.


– Sit with an upright posture on the edge of your chair and hold the chair tightly using both hands.

– Bend your upper body to the right, and sit on one glute.

– Hold your legs together in this sitting position and lift both knees towards your chest.

– Go back to your initial position.

– Now bend to the left side and repeat the exercise.

– Do at least 20 reps on each side.

6. Body Lift on the Chair

Lifting your body on the chair burns lots of calories. It helps in toning your belly, shoulders, and back. Before doing this exercise, ensure that your chair doesn’t have rolling wheels.


– Sit on your chair and hold the arms of your office chair tightly.

– Lift your body using your hands until your feet hang in the air.

– Use the abdominal muscles to push your knees towards your chest.

– Maintain this position for at least 20 seconds.

– Slowly return to your initial sitting position and rest for a few seconds.

– Repeat the exercise for at least four times.

All these sitting exercises are very easy and don’t need much time. Apart from getting a flat belly, you'll always feel full of energy all day long. It’s never too late to start this routine at work and save on resources spent at the gym.

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