8 Things About Sagittarians You Should Know Before Dating One

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Anyone who is fascinated with astrology knows that each sign has its own stand out traits. Some stellar ones (pardon the pun) and some not so stellar. A Libra is a very indecisive person but they are also peace lovers. Good and bad, right? Signs that sit on a cusp of two signs will display traits from both signs, all good and bad. But what things about Sagittarians should you know before you date one?

Independent of the fact that no matter what your sign is, or your partner's sign, it still takes two dedicated and very much in love people to make a relationship work.   There are compatible signs and signs that should never be together but anything is possible when love is in the mix. So what about those Sagittarians?

sagittarian1. They are pretty inflexible.

Go ahead and make plans but they better not be last minute. If they are tired and not wanting to do much of anything you can't drop a bomb on them and tell them, you made plans with Joe and Sally for dinner in an hour. Chances are you're going alone or quite possibly a slight disagreement might ensue. They like plans. Like at least a day in advance.

2. Get serious? Not really.

It's actually kinda hard to be serious with a Sag as they are always joking around. Well they can be serious when they are in the mood but really, they just love to joke. And they will go on and on about that hilarious thing that happened 20 years ago. Hope you don't get tired of hearing the same funny story a hundred times.

3. Lots of interests.

They have lots and lots. So many in fact it will be hard to keep up with them some days. They want to go skydiving this week but hold on because they just might want to go horse back riding too. On the same day. Last month they joined a class for woodworking but next month they just might want to do oil painting. They are all over the place and having fun.

4. They'll get over you.

Fast. If you dump them, they won't have a hard time moving on. They are too distracted to really care that much or wallow in sorrow. They'll find other things to keep their minds off the fact they just lost you. And replacing you won't be that hard to do either. They also won't have a hard time dumping you. They won't go on and on trying to salvage something they don't think is going to work. Off with you and onto the next.

5. Throw caution the wind kinda people.

They do that. All the time. They don't think about consequences or analyze the hell out of things before doing something. Nope. None of that with them. They are uniquely adventurous and are not afraid to try things. If you can keep up with them and have a bit of a reckless nature, you two will get along just fine.

6. What filter?

Blunt and bold, say it like it is. They have no filter really. They don't make a habit of sugar coating stuff. They don't say things to hurt people or be mean, they just don't lie or hold things in. If they don't like something you'll know, and then they carry on like nothing happened. Because nothing did happen. That's who they are. They are just outspoken but not maliciously.

7. No cling ons please.

They like to keep some distance and some personal space. If you are clingy or need to be attached to the hip, you got the wrong person. When it's time for down time, they need it and expect it. If you are getting too clingy they'll remind you of their need for space (remember #6?)

8. They are extremely optimistic.

If you have some negative or pessimistic bones in your body go find someone else. They have no use or time for that. They are happy, fun, adventurous and optimistic. A Sag loves life and you should too.

Are you with a Sag, are one or know one? Does any of this sound remotely familiar? Share your Sag experiences and knowledge with us.

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