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5 Things To Remember When You Are Having A Breakdown

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Nobody is free from having the occasional breakdown. Life isn't always perfect and happy. Things go wrong. Sometimes really big things go wrong. As much as we hate to say it, bad things happen to good people. Oftentimes things will just pile up and we neglect them or avoid dealing with them and the next thing you know, you have a breakdown.

I get that right in the middle of a crisis or breakdown all logic usually flies out the window. We don't want to hear it'll be ok Sally/John. We never want to hear this. At this very moment nothing is ok and we are at our breaking point. But it's not at all impossible to control your emotions and get through this one with a little bit of ease and maybe even a dash of humour. Here are 5 things to remember that might keep you sane.

breakdown_11. It's temporary.

I know you didn't want to hear that but it's the absolute truth. Remember that. Tell yourself that over and over again as you are dealing with your turmoil at the moment. Take a step back at any time and remind yourself you've been through worse and came out ok. Stronger actually. Whatever you are going through may not have an apparent immediate solution but one will come. This issue won't last forever and a resolve will be reached.

2. Speaking of stronger.

There are many lessons to be learned from every issue or breakdown we experience. Don't forget to keep an open mind to accept the lesson and learn from it. As we learn we grow and get stronger. Remember the last lessons you learned? Maybe you can apply some of those lessons to this situation so that perhaps chances of this continually happening might become less and less.   Either way, you will grow stronger, and that's a good thing. Don't forget that.

3. Don't do something permanent for a temporary issue.

I get this can sometimes be hard to do and harder to remember in the heat of the moment. Depending on the situation, and who it is with, we may decide to never speak to so and so again. You should refrain from making permanent, or any kind of negative decisions while you are having a breakdown. Nothing good will come from them. Saying sorry is ok but when it happens too often for the same reason, people will stop trusting you and eventually you will have no one to turn to when you need a friend.

4. Sometimes a nap can be the best medicine.

Don't try to tackle everything right now. Some things require some thought and a bit of a break away. Take time to let things simmer down a bit. A nap is the best natural medicine out there. It may just be that whatever is happening right now can't be fixed anyway. Go lay down, close your eyes and shut the world out. Maybe plug some nice soft music in on your iPod and relax. You can't and won't solve everything all the time, right away. Sometimes you need to step away.

5. People genuinely do want to help.

If you have a nice circle of friends and they know you are going through a bit of a hard time and they have offered many times for you to call them to talk, do so. People offer because they really do care, they mean it, they love you and they have time to be with you. The ones who don't care or have time, won't offer. Start taking your friends up on their offers. You don't have to handle everything alone. Reach out. Call someone.

Having a breakdown is no fun. Most can be dealt with and handled without professional help, however if you are having too many breakdowns and feel completely at a loss, then maybe see king a therapist might help. Whatever the case, just know that there is help, no matter how big or small your breakdown is. You don't have to deal with it alone.

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