6 Golden Rules You Need to Know About Unhealthy Symptoms

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You know that moment when you don't feel? Pain"¦

You visit a doctor who might ease your pain. You tell him your problem and he prescribes you medicine. In your opinion the list is too long for your coughing or sneezing. However, the doctor convinces you that the list is required for a successful treatment.

You followed the instructions, but it didn't help.

You are trapped in a situation when you don't know who to trust, and what to do next. Who is going to give you the magic pill that'll ease the pain?

Then questions rise up.

grieving_genHow do you choose a good doctor? Will medicine damage you more than help you? How effective medicine is at treating symptoms?

Too much guessing is tiring you.

What if I told you that there is a much more effective alternative?

Here are six golden rules about how to find clarity in the relationship between doctors, patients and medication.

1. Do not expect that doctors will make you healthier

They can save your life, or even cure a serious disease, but this only puts you on a start line.

From there it's your job to build a lifestyle that'll improve your health. Because let's face it. Doctors can't embrace healthier habits for you.

Want to be healthier? Make the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle.

2. Doctors treat symptoms, but real health comes from within

The quality of your life depends on the capacity of your internal reserves to treat diseases.

No matter how fit or strong you are, if your capacity reserve is weak you may often get sick. Diseases may break your plans on building a strong and glowing physical image.

Fix your health first and you'll remove the obstacles out of your way.

3. You can prevent most symptoms without the doctor's help

Most people are blessed to be born healthy.

You may get sick from time to time, but you are still in a better position than people who were born with defects, for example. Imagine people born with incurable illness or body defects. They always need someone to take care of them.

You are in a different position, because you can walk, touch and create. You don't need anyone to take care of you. You can take care of yourself alone. You have all the tools to live a desired life. It all depends on how much effort you are going to put in.

The formula is simple.

Figure out the main causes that worsen your wellness. Avoid this behavior, and you'll rarely feel bad. For example, stop smoking, don't eat processed food and don't abuse alcohol consumption. Otherwise these habits will make you weaker in time.

4. Improve your internal capacity reserves intelligently

How can you build stronger health?

You build up the fundamentals first.

You don't need to embrace every single habit out there. Instead, choose fewer and improve on them. For example, you can choose running as your main form of exercise. Run regularly and you'll feel how your legs are getting stronger, lose weight and feel better.   This is more efficient in the long run.

Here are three fundamentals to begin with:

1. Eat healthier "“ consume fewer fats. Eat more fruits and vegetables. This alone will keep your body in a natural shape.

2. Exercise "“ most people live a sedentary life. The lack of physical activity becomes an acute problem. On average a person should spend one hour per day being physically active. That's not about becoming fit. This is a must, if you want to be healthy.

3. Mental management "“ this one is the most difficult. Learn to control yourself. A silent mind takes better decisions, and can better differentiate what's good and what's bad for them. Aim for self-control.

5. Doctors will always find a disease

Doctors don't believe in the effectiveness of natural healing methods. This belief was deleted out of their minds in the early years of university. Most doctors focus on medicine administration.

Whenever you visit a doctor for a health checkup they'll find a disease, and will convince you to take a list of prescribed medicine.

But don't rush!

Be aware of a powerful system inside your body "“ the immune system. It naturally reacts whenever you are infected with a disease.

Give it some time to fight it. Otherwise you'll believe the medicine did the job, when it only accompanied the natural healing of the body.

6. Why are people getting sick so often?

90% of people would be healthier if they'd do one single thing – avoid irrational behavior.

Easier said than done. I know.

In this modern world the human behavior is controlled by stress, anxiety and fatigue. It's harder to maintain a regular exercising routine, or plan your nutrition, when you don't feel well. It weakens your will power, and you accept the defeat.

How it looks like?

Rather than going into the kitchen and chop your salad, you'll have your pizza delivered at your door.   That's a defeat!
When you rely on medicine to cure symptoms you also accept the defeat. Often times this a trial and error game, until the doctor finds an effective drug.

But be aware that the more medicine you take in, the weaker is your immunity. The weaker is your immune system is, you are more vulnerable against diseases.


You can't really fault doctors for not being healthier. After all they are giving you what you want "“ pain relief. When pain leaves away, you are happy. That's easy, but that's not making you healthier.

The trick is to focus on behaviors that improve health and make you stronger.

We often neglect the responsibility of taking care of our own health in favor of shortcuts that are much easier to get, but don't add any sustainable value to our health.

Be proactive!

Why waiting for fatalities to happen? Do you really enjoy crying out rivers on how bad doctors are? Why let your health worsen so much that even doctors can't help?

Being proactive means exercising one hour per day, eat healthier and controlling your behavior in such a way that in complex you feel better and better.

It's tough, but it's worth it.

You were born healthy. You have both hands and legs. Nothing can stop you from building the life of your dreams.

This world needs more happy people!

Are you in?

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