8 Body Language Tricks That Will Make You Instantly Likeable

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Though many of us say we don't care who likes us and who doesn't and we also have a tendency of confirming that if they don't like me too bad however, the reality of all that is deep down inside we really do want to be liked and somewhat accepted. We may not want a dozen new friends but we certainly don't want people to hate us right off the bat either, mind you, some people make up their minds on whether or not they like you even before you open your mouth. Why is that?

Body language. Body language speaks loud and clear. It's safe to say that we are judged by this too. What is your body language telling people? Is it keeping them at arm's length? Here are a few tricks you can use immediately if you are ready to turn your body language into something more pleasing.

body_language21. A warm smile.

Of course, this always does the trick.   Nothing too fake or forced, but a gentle smile that makes your eyes twinkle even a little bit. People will automatically feel that warmth and sincerity from you and want to be near you.

2. A firm handshake.

When you meet someone for the first time, shake their hand like you mean it. I know, personally, I am put off by someone who shakes my hand very lightly and methodically. You can feel that it is empty with no meaning behind it. Take their hand firmly in yours and shake like you mean it.

3. Look them in the eyes.

You should do this when you shake their hand and when you are talking to them. How annoying and rude it will be when you are looking around the room and not even paying attention to the person you just met. Make eye contact throughout your time with them. They will appreciate you and want to hang out with you more.

4. Touch their arm gently.

This can be a bit tricky but feel out the situation and see if it's a go. Most people like that gentle arm touch because it means I care about you and I like talking to you. It also shows you are sincere and warm hearted and people generally gravitate towards people like that.

5. Be confident in your stance.

Don't slouch or fold your arms across your chest. The latter will keep people away from you. They will instantly get the feel that you are standoffish and not in the mood for social engagement. If you slouch too much people immediately judge you as boring or lacking ambition (yes people do this right away).

6. Say their name repeatedly.

Though this isn't a body language trick it still is a trick that needs to be mentioned. People like to hear their name and when you repeat it it shows sincerity and a deep interest in them and in you getting to know them better. It is also a great display of respect.

7. Move in a little closer.

Not like you are going to kiss them or no thing too creepy but just a little closer to show them that you trust them in your personal space (provided you get the same vibes from them too of course). If you back away, then they will think you are repulsed by them. When you move in closer it shows you feel comfortable and safe with them.

8. Stay calm and attentive.

Don't fidget too much. People will be put off by this and a sign of too much nervous anxiety and in turn, will make them feel nervous and anxious too. When you remain calm in your stance and in your mannerisms, they will feel more relaxed and want to spend more time with you talking.

These are all great tips especially when you are at a large group gathering and feeling slightly nervous about meeting new people. A few of these tips can help you remain calm and confident and help you get over that anxiety or nervousness and may even help you make a new friend or two.

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