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5 Powerful Ways to Find Yourself When You Feel Completely Lost

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Lost.   It's a feeling that often comes when you feel confused about your purpose in the world, or when you have lost your sense of self in a relationship, or when you simply feel like life is passing you by.   It's a feeling many people struggle with as they desperately try to find a way to break free, so they can one day live the life they've always dreamt about.

If you are one of these lost souls, please know that you are not alone and that "lost" is not your final destination.   The truth is, "lost" is simply a pit stop on your journey to something far greater.   Below are five powerful ways that will transform your life and help you find yourself when you feel completely lost.

lost1. Tune into the message.

Like any emotion, feeling lost often acts a messenger for something you need to know.   It might be something you need to know about yourself, your life, or what you need to shift in order to move forward into the life you truly desire.   The best way to identify the message is to get quiet and listen.

Listen to your heart and follow the signs and synchronicities that the     Universe has set out for you.   It might come as a physical sign, a simple thought, or a chance meeting with someone who inspires you.   The key is not to worry about the specific outcome.   Simply follow your heart and be open to the message.   When you do that without expecting a specific outcome, doors open, opportunities abound, and "˜lost' will quickly become a thing of the past.

2. Take "inspired" action.

Nothing changes without taking a bit of action and while many of us are proud "˜action takers', we tend to operate more with forced action instead of inspired action.   Inspired action is simply the act of responding to those messages and ideas you receive on a daily basis and being in the flow of life.

Chances are you've already experienced this without a lot of thought, but acting on the very messages and thoughts the Universe sends your way has a way of creating miracles you never thought were possible.   Hint:   If you feel like you don't know what action to take, do the thing that you are avoiding the most right now.   Avoidance is a powerful energy and it usually means there is something big waiting for you on the other side.

3. Follow your passion.

Lost or not, we all have a passion for something.   It might not seem like much, but when you allow yourself to do the things you enjoy, no matter how small, you create energy and momentum that will change your life.   Passion is powerful and when you listen to the call of your soul and do the things that light you up (regardless of how lost you might feel), magic happens.   Simply put, when you follow your passion, you find your purpose.   And when you are living your life with purpose, lost is no longer your reality.

4. Trust that everything can change in an instant (for the better).

The miraculous thing about life is that it is constantly changing.   It may not always feel that way, but it is and we live in a world where everything can change in an instant (for the better) if you believe that to be true.   Many people get so stuck in telling the same story of how hard life is or how lost they feel without knowing that they are simply perpetuating a cycle of the same experiences over and over again.   However, when you believe that your circumstances can change in an instant for the better, they will.   Which leads me to #5 and the power of your mind.

5. Upgrade your mindset.

This step is the most important one of all and might call for a bit of help, but the truth is we all have beliefs that we've collected over the years that aren't serving us right now.   The belief that you don't have what it takes to create the life you want or that you somehow are not worthy of living that kind of life are just a few examples of the very beliefs you need to release.

Your mindset is incredibly powerful when it comes to creating your reality and if you've felt lost for a while it's likely that you have some beliefs and blocks that are holding you back.   The beliefs you have about yourself, your life, and the world all contribute to what you experience in your current reality and if your current reality is less than you desire, it's time to upgrade your mindset.   Whether you use something like the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), mantras, affirmations, or you work with a professional, upgrading your mindset is imperative to creating lasting change and getting out of the "˜lost' place you've been in for far too long.

Lost is something we have all felt at some point in our lives, but the beauty of feeling lost is the freedom that is waiting for you on the other side of this challenge.   Remember lost is not your final destination, unless you allow it to be.

Let's keep the conversation going!   What step resonated most for you?   Is there something I missed?   Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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