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7 Ways Authors Can Dramatically Increase Sales With Social Media

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Authors have extremely creative and imaginative minds, but when it comes to marketing they are just not getting it right.  you would think that authors would be amazing at marketing because of their creativity but it's a mindset issue. Marketing is a dirty word, no author wants to push their books onto people to read, they want their amazing creation to spread throughout the world with word of mouth.  Sadly in this social world authors, more than anybody, need to stand out from the crowd.

So how do you market your book without actually seeming too salesy? You use engagement marketing.  You engage your followers.

Imagine if Stephen King was to do a Facebook Live show, or a Youtube Live or an Instagram Live how many viewers would he get on each of these platforms, my guess is millions of views per day.


However, Stephen King  doesn't need to do this as he is so well known and loved throughout the world. Above is an interview he posted and look at the number of views.

What about the authors who are loved by their readers but they don't really have a social media presence.

Taking a look at the the New York Times Bestseller list we can see authors who don't really have a social media presence, but could gain so many more readers if they did.  Authors Like Paula Hawkins who wrote The Girl on the Train , you would think that Paula has a huge following on social media, however if we take a look at their facebook page, Paula has 19,300 followers.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not getting in a dig about Paula. Most authors don't think about their own marketing or social media presence, why would they if they are so busy writing and doing speaking engagements and have all the responsibilities that come with writing a best selling book. But, you have to understand, as an author, people want to know more about you, your thoughts, and your life.

Now you might say they are successful, why do they need a social media presence if they are selling so many books? Good question and here's the answer:

Authors can make a huge dent in the world if they get picked up by a big publishing house, but what happens when the publishing house falls out of love with the author: The author turns to their followers to support them and the more followers they have the more support they will receive.

That's why it baffles me that authors, the most imaginative people in the world, don't actively build up their social media following.

Don't get me wrong some authors are getting it right on social media.  Authors like E. L. James of the Fifty Shades Phenomenon is doing everything right with her social media presence, she's engaging her followers, she's giving her readers more of what they want, and she's letting her followers know the person behind the book.

So I wanted to write an article for you, the author, the creative one, the imaginative one, with the brilliant mind you have you need to know that we live in a social world and people want to know about you so why not give your followers what they want and share a little of you with them – not too much, just enough to satisfy their curious minds.

7 Ways Authors Can Dramatically Increase Sales With Social Media

1. Create a Facebook Live show

There is nothing more engaging that someone who is on live talking to their readers, reading out their comments, and responding to questions.  Your followers and readers of your books will love you even more if you directly communicate with them.

When you go live you can add a comment with links to your books but do it in a subtle way not in a salesy way e.g. 'Oh someone is asking where they can buy my books, thanks for asking, I'll put a link in the comments for you…….'

2. Create Memorable Quotes from your Books

This part is already done for you as you already have the words, you just need to add an image and voila you have a shareable, memorable quote.  Above the post on facebook you can have a link to your book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, New York Times

3. Create Shareable Videos

You can make videos very easily nowadays especially on Facebook using their tools like 'Slideshow' or you can create your own videos.  Look at this one from author E. L . James

Could you do that? Hell yes you could do something like this.  You could also create little lessons from your journey as a writer.

You see you've got two sets of audiences: Your readers who love your books and the writers who want to learn from you.

4. Post Images of readers Reading Your Book

Readers want to be seen by you, the author.  You may not understand that but they do, they look up to you, and there is no better recognition than you posting an image of them reading your book.

You have to engage your followers so they get to know the person behind the book, not give too much away obviously, but enough to satisfy their curiosity about you.

And you don't have to give any personal information, you control how much you let your followers know.

5. Get on Instagram Live

Instagram live is great for letting your followers get a sneak peak into your life.  If you're sitting down at your desk to start writing for the day, turn on Instagram live and chat with your followers for 10 minutes to let them know what you're up to.

You could almost have a daily chat with your followers whilst at the same time creating a routine for your writing.

6. Ask for Your Readers Advice

You can engage your followers and readers by asking them questions in a Facebook post.  if you're stuck for a title, the next chapter, a cover, then engage your followers and readers and ask for their opinion.

There is great satisfaction for readers of a book if they think they had a hand in helping you in some way with the book by suggesting a title, choosing the best cover, creating a character.

You will also get a lot more sales if you involve your readers, and followers as they feel they are part of the books journey and will want to buy it for that very reason.

7. Giveaways

There is a ton of ways authors can giveaway freebies to their readers in exchange for a review, a share of their link to the book, or a share of their videos.

Get your readers involved, get their help, involve them in the whole marketing side of your books and reward them with freebies.

A Million Ways to Market Without Marketing

There is no shortage of ways to market your books without actually feeling as if you're marketing or being too salesy and one of the best ways is to use engagement marketing.  Involve your readers and followers and they will love you all the more for it.

 Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts on this article.

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