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5 Ways To Amp Up Your Entrepreneurial Brain Power

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Starting a business is one thing. Keeping and growing a business is whole other level of thinking.  You must always be engaged in amping up your entrepreneurial brain power to stay on the road to success. Always.

It takes self-motivation to ACTIVELY  invest in the things that will keep you growing and amping up your power (in all ways). Because the truth is (there's that truth serum again), the growth of your business and life can only go as far as YOU are willing to grow.

Sometimes, that motivation wains when the details of day-to-day business activities (not always exciting), financial struggles, or more start to weave its way into your days.

There are ways to overcome the dips of motivation and keep your brain power FUELED and PLUGGED into growth and power that serves in greater ways (now and later) and that CONTINUE the momentum for yourself.

  1.  Stay Sharp

    Keep your brain powered up by empowering it with GOOD resources and information.  Keep the steady flow with daily scheduled time to read and learn.  From books to programs that keep you up-to-date on the very things necessary to keep your business THRIVING.  For example, if Facebook is a medium and tool you know you must use (and I recommend it highly—I coach entrepreneurs daily about this) to help you grow your online presence, then what are you doing to learn more about that?  Be honest with your answer here…and remove the blinders.  There are plenty of people (coaches especially) who've utilized Facebook with success (for themselves and for the benefit of their followers).

    What' the latest book you've read to help your business?  Books on topics like business finance, entrepreneur success traits and habits, public speaking, writing, selling and marketing are all in line with supporting your business.  Keep your power growing by staying sharp.

    Thanks to Steven Covey for this powerful habit number 7 in his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that discusses self-improvement at length.  Please refer to this book for more.  I highly recommend it.  It's worth a read and a re-read. 🙂

  2. Uncomplicate What's Distorted

    Is your motto the same as Eeyore's?  You remember…Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh…who always said, "It won't work." Is your belief similar?  What do you believe about yourself and your business?  What's distorted because of old beliefs or bad information?  What are you saying to yourself about any aspect of your business that is NOT helpful, NOT supportive, NOT solution-oriented?  Why are you thinking like this?  IDENTIFY IT QUICKLY and uncomplicate the distortion for yourself.  DIVE in and get informed about what's NOT working so you can jump quickly into solution-oriented thinking and decision-making.  This will serve you 1000x better than any old and negative belief ever will.

  3. Problems Versus Probability

    Problem or opportunity?  Problem or excuse?  Problem or wonderful stroke of luck?  His Holiness the Dalai Lama says, "Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck" as one of his 18 rules for living.  Not addressing what you perceive is a problem is only adding momentum to the perceived problem.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  But, the fact is, there is information everywhere (including in the things that feel like big problems).  If you learn, then you WIN! (See point #1).

    Before the "problem" energy builds and even attracts more "problems", DO SOMETHING no matter how small toward understanding FULLY what you perceive is a problem, dissect it, improve it and fix what you can with calm at your side. Problems often open the doors to great creative thinking and solution.  You can only welcome this kind of flow if you're willing to be with the "problem" and its probability versus turning your back on it and ignoring it.

    This is an incredibly important point to remember because so many quit at this point, when in fact it can be a massive TURNING POINT leading to your success.

  4. Paper and Pencil Are Still Essential Tools For The Successful

    Write it down.  Easier said than done…but if you're a creative, how often have you found yourself with a great quote, title of a book (even a complete outline for a book), and then forget it the moment you're ready to use it?  GUILTY.  It's happened to me.  But here's what I know.  Entrepreneurs are creatives by nature.  There is a flow of creativity that comes (often at the oddest times).  Nonetheless, write it down.  Every idea (no matter how small or insignificant), every AHA moment, every new learning…EVERYTHING.  Let your flow…FLOW! 

    The more you flow, the more you can expand on ideas, recall key points (because you documented it), and the more FLOW you'll welcome in greater ways because you've created a larger "pathway" for it to flow.  In other words, the moment you write it down, you can relax and let more come through.

    As ideas start to formulate, you can shift from paper and pencil to a more formal and organized project (helping you grow your business).

  5. Plan Your Day With Purpose

    One bad day, one bad week, or even a bad year is not a reason to NOT take the power back into your hands.  The easiest way to regain your power is to take control of your day.  If you don't do this, then the day will rule you versus YOU ruling the day!

    The moment you control your schedule and stick to it, the easier it'll be for you to say YES to the things that support your purpose and NO to the things that don't support it.

    Having more control of your day (and sticking with a plan and schedule) builds your self-confidence, your can-do attitude, and amps up brain power with CLARITY of purpose.

Your entrepreneurial brain power begins with YOU.  When you start feeding your soul you feed the soul of your business, too. Start with these easy tips (hell…start small if you have to, but do them).  Get a taste for it, fuel your brain power, and GROW.


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