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3 Reasons Good Marketing Is Positive (Not Pushy)

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Somewhere, somehow the word, "marketing" took on a negative connotation for many when it comes to Facebook.  And yet… without it, you're business is doomed.  Like the housing bubble that bursts here in the United States, it's my impression that Facebook (and all social media ) has reached its own expertise marketing bubble burst.

The over 2+ billion daily Facebook users helped surface a plethora of marketers, launch specialists, problem solvers… each claiming their expertise and fail-safe systems.  Perhaps the "pushy" and slimy feel comes from the display of overt marketing efforts—sharing images and videos of their planes, cars, homes and other luxuries.  This display (for me, at least) makes it difficult to decipher what's real and what's for show.

Time to give up on Facebook?

Absolutely not!  And here's why…

On that same Facebook playing field, is the reason to stay on Facebook— the 2+ Billion daily Facebook users.  Data tells us that for the heart-centered coaches, healers, writers, and teachers, the market looking for you mostly resides on Facebook.

The contrast of a heart-centered message and business in a world of flashy marketing puts an immediate stall in your efforts to grow a business, share your message, and be of service.

The genuine service you want to provide doesn't match up when you attempt to jump into situations doing what you think you're supposed to do online.   And yet, without marketing, you not only stall your progress … you sink. 

It's not about the marketing as much as it is about your positioning as you market yourself and your business.  How you show up in your marketing efforts is exactly how you stand out from the landscape of pushy marketers.


Don't talk yourself out of marketing…

Stop finding excuses that justify your half-hearted efforts online…

Remember the POSITIVES that marketing brings (and how IMPORTANT marketing and positioning yourself truly is):

1. People Will Find You

Sounds basic, but it's true.  Without sharing what you do, how will people find you?  To be sure, this basic principle is TOO OFTEN overlooked.  If you're not willing to do this online, do you have a plan in place to support your efforts?  Just because YOU may have an issue with marketing and positioning yourself on Facebook, doesn't take away the absolute value marketing on Facebook has for your business.

Every time you avoid the opportunity to share, you avoid an opportunity for your business and to be of real service for another.  Sharing isn't always about instant sales but also a way to make connections, build relationships, grow your community, be of service, and gain the trust of people—an important first step before any investment.

2. More Sales

At the end of the day you want to make sales! Of course you do!!  For the heart-centered entrepreneur, this is a WIN-WIN.  It means living a meaningful life (able to sustain yourself financially) and being of service.  Do you think you can accomplish this by NOT marketing? A broke mindset will never prosper.

Think of it this way…

When you market you increase sales.  When you increase sales, you increase the value you offer getting to the hands of those who will benefit.  The more people benefit the more word gets around about YOU, leveling up the marketing in the MOST authentic and organic way.   Sales are more than the dollars.  It's a full circle leveling up of your life and the lives of the community you serve.  It's HIGH ENERGY!

3. Your Good Reputation

Because of how you authentically position yourself and your expertise through marketing you build a reputation.  It's a reputation removed from the "show" I described above.  With a good marketing plan that includes positioning yourself, builds your reputation (with more space to grow) versus the stall you feel attempting to follow flashy systems misaligned from your mission.

Marketing supports your reputation, and without it, you continue to miss opportunities.  Landing on a Facebook page that's outdated, left unattended leaves an impression and removes an opportunity for you.

In spite of what you may think about Facebook (and social media), it's your ability to see the opportunity Facebook has for you.  Consider positioning yourself where your prospective audience and clients reside.  Use Facebook to decipher what your audience needs (listen to them) and how YOU can provide it for them using your unique gift.

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Maria Flynn is the Operations Manager for Your Digital Formula, the owner of OneWiseLife.com and co-founder of Mojo Mastery.

With over 219K Facebook followers and a daily Facebook show reaching over 25,000 people weekly, Maria has fostered a dedicated fanbase spanning the globe.

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