7 Types Of People We All Need In Our Lives

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You have your bff and your favourite co-worker and then there's your one aunt who you love to pieces. Each of these people are very different in their own way and they each have a special place in your life. There are many different facets to our lives. We have our work life, family life, private life, and social life. It is important to have the right people in those different areas who fit perfectly in there. I know, personally, there are many things I wouldn't share with a co-worker that I may share with my brother or some things I would love to do but will only do them with an uncle but not my bff. You get the idea.

type_of_peoplePeople fall into many categories. The people in our lives I mean.   Here are 5 types of people everyone should have in their lives.

1. The analyst.

This person is the one to have by your side when you need to make important decisions about things or help you think things through. It's not that you can't make a decision on your own, and it's not even about you not being smart enough to do it. sometimes it's just nice to see someone else's point of view or take on things. They will show you a perspective that you probably would have never on your own. We all need that go to person.

2. The thrill seeker.

You know who that is. The daring one. The throw caution to the wind one. The wild and crazy one who has more stories than your grandpa. It's important to have someone like this in your life because they will push you, challenge you, dare you even to take chances that you normally never would.   This is the person you will call when it's time to push the envelope.

3. The instigator.

This is the person who will push the envelope for both of you. You've both been thinking about doing something off the wall, something maybe even risky. This is the person who will say, let's do it today. This is the person who will ask the questions, raise the bar and giggle while doing so. You want to hang out with an instigator every now and then or at the very least, keep one on stand by.

4. The cheerleader.

That might be your Aunty Anne. The cheerleader is the one person who, no matter what is going on in your life, good or bad, they will cheer you and encourage you all the time anyway. They don't care if you just lost your job or came short on an interview. They are going to raise you so high you will never doubt yourself again in their company. Stick with them. They are great for the ego.

5. The doubter.

You know that one person who doubts everything, maybe even is a tad pessimistic? Having one of them in your life is good for your success. Why? Because they will doubt everything and you will try to prove them wrong, always. This is a great combination actually. And they aren't always negative Nancy or doubting Thomas, they can be fun sometimes, they just don't take chances and they usually think nothing is going to work properly. You're pretty happy to show them otherwise.

6. Oh great wise one.

Ah that person. It's like sipping Chai Tea with the great Dalai Lama. You sit and listen, eyes wide, ears open and mind blown. They have so much wisdom and knowledge you can barely keep up but you take it all in with great passion and desire to know more and more. You hang on every word they say. You are always in awe of them and absolutely love spending time with them. Their stories are wonderful and their knowledge is impressive. Hang out with these guys more. We all have room to learn more stuff.

7. The networker.

This is the social butterfly (in case that's not you already). This person can make connections for you that you otherwise would have never made. The networker will bring you to events, parties, groups, start conversations, set up meetings, you name it, they are on it. You need one of these people in your life. You never know where your next best friend or perhaps your soulmate might be hanging out. Connect with the networker at least once a month, maybe even more.

If you have any of these people already in your life, then you're doing great. If you are missing a few then seek them out. Who do you know that fits any of these bills? You can never have too many great contacts on your list.

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