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10 Undeniable Feelings You Will Experience Indicating You're On The Right Path

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You already know things have to change. You've been stuck in this place for a long time now and you've had enough. You know the path you want to take. Some will join you, others will abandon you. None of that matters. The only thing that matters right now is you are on your way. On your way to a new you, a new life, a bigger plan.

But how do you know if you are on the right path? You've never been down this road before so what if you are on the wrong road and have no clue? Here are 10 signs that will indicate to you that you are on the right path. Some of them may surprise you.

Feet wearing red shoes on black background with question marks. choice concept1. You want to throw up.

I know, it sounds gross but this is hands down t he first feeling because it is a true indicator that you are totally on the right track. When we start on our path, we get nervous, anxious, scared and overwhelmed, all feelings that will surely send your stomach into an uncontrollable churning tizzy.

2. You want to back down.

You just want to stop right where you are, turn around and go back. You're alone here and no one is holding your hand anymore. Suddenly this isn't so much fun. You want it all to just stop and you want to go back to your comfortable life. Don't stop.

3. You are scared out of your tree.

Yup, that's a good indicator. Of course you're scared. This is a ll so new and surreal to you. You can't even believe you are doing this and you are doing it alone. Who wouldn't be scared? It's going to be ok.

4. Insecure.

You are starting to doubt yourself. Can you do this? Should you do this? Do you want to? Yes, is the answer to all these questions. Can you boil water? Of course you can and you don't give it a second thought. But this. This is so much bigger. You can do this too.

5. Am I lost?

You might be, but that' s ok. You haven't been here before so you may like you are lost, but it's just all so new and foreign to you, that's all. Don't fret, the path will clear and you will see your way again. Until then, keep going and enjoy the scenery.

6. Leave me alone.

You desperately want to be alone. You don't want anyone around you, cheering you on or telling you to stop that you might not know what you're doing and maybe you should think about this some more. Yes, you just want them all to go away. This is your path, anyway, not theirs. They won't ever understand.

7. Frustration sets in.

Yes, and it comes with a fury.   Am I there yet? How much further do I have to go? Why is this taking so long? It's not taking long, it just feels like it because you are anxious. Remember, this is a new path and you have no idea how long it is anyway.

8. Assertiveness just kicked in.

You are bold, brave and badass all of a sudden. Where did all this come from? You are so ready for this path and you know exactly what you h ave to do to make it down. You got your sassy pants on and you kicking ass. You will not stand to listen to anyone who will try to talk you out of this. Yup, you're on the right path.

9. You don't fit in.

You aren't feeling it with your friends anymore. They are stagnating and not moving forward. They want to talk about the same old shit all the time. You are so far ahead of them these days and you just aren't interested in hanging with them anymore. That's ok. It may be time to drop them.

10. There's a vibration.

You feel it in every cell of your body. It's exciting, it's energetic and there is no doubt, it is vibrating. Go with it. This is the universal energy showing you that all is well and keep going. You ' re on the right path.

Deciding to undertake any kind of change is very scary but don't ever let fear get in the way of you achieving what you want. Face it and flick it away. Nothing changes if nothing changes and change begins with you. You so got this.

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