7 Reasons Long Distance Friendships Are The Strongest

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You grew up on the same street, went all through school together, attended grads, proms, showers and   weddings together and then boom, one of you upped and moved away. Far far away. There will be no more morning coffees together on your porch. No more dinner dates and no more impromptu movie dates. It has all come to a screeching halt.

And what all of this means is that your best friend in the whole wide world is no longer there at the drop of a dime. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. It goes without saying that you will certainly miss each other like crazy but the friendship will never end nor will it die. As a matter of fact, long distance friendships are probably the strongest and here's why.

friendship1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Yes I did. I said it. The old cliché is probably used more than any other one out there and for good reason, it's true. The longer you are away from your friend, the more you miss them, and the dearer to your heart they become. It works just like that. You think of them fondly each day and there are times throughout the day or week that you miss them terribly and you feel your heart fill with love for them.

2. Hand written notes.

In today's technologically advanced day, we text, FB, Tweet and send photos though Instagram but nothing replaces the sincerity of a heartfelt note written by hand, on beautiful stationary, sealed with a kiss. Or even a fun little postcard sent from their hometown displaying one of the old landmarks. The excitement of receiving a letter in the mail, like old days, never goes away. Makes your heart beat a little stronger too.

3. Look forward to road trips.

Or air trips. Depending really on how far your friend actually moved away to. Your next planned little vacation will mean that much more to you. To be able to hug your friend again. Feel her hair on your cheek when you hug. Smell his cologne.   Feel their energy when they laugh or cry. Yup road trips will mean so much more and will be all the more special.

4. Birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions will be extra special if it involves that one special chat with your friend.

Sharing this day with the people around you is wonderful but it becomes even more special when you can include your friend through a FaceTime or Skype call. Not only that, when we get that card or small token of their love in your mailbox it just sort of has a way of making the heart happy.

5. All their favourite things will be around you.

You could be walking down the street and catch a whiff of their perfume. Or you could be in a shopping mall and hear a giggle just like theirs. It could be a song comes on the radio and it instantly brings you back to a time you two were road tripping and that song came on and you both were singing at the top of your lungs. No matter what it is, having little memories randomly show up has a way of tugging at the heart.

6. Surprise!!

Who doesn't love surprises? They know you do, and you know they do, and that random out of the blue phone call or little package in the mail that says "I'm thinking of you" means more than anything in the whole wide world. You are always in each other's hearts and you miss expressing your random acts of love and friendship when your friend lived close. They mean so much more now.

7. Phone time is precious now.

You both have super busy lives. Work, family and life have taken over and allowed very little time for yourself. You've both grown up and the daily demands of life take up most of your time. When you two can finally schedule phone time it's precious. You laugh, giggle, cry, vent and whatever else. There's no more idle chit chat. Phone time is important time and you both know it. You take this time for yourselves with no interruptions to catch up on not only life but even some of the troubling things that only they would understand.

Communications are pretty important when your friend has moved away but even more important is to keep up with them. Don't ever lose touch with this friend. You are their connection to home. And home is where their heart is.

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