25 Ways to Get Out of the Funk and Actually Live a Healthy and Thriving Life

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Are you struggling with feeling stuck in a rut, feeling funky and lacking energy all the time? This is a common problem and many people find themselves stuck and struggling to really live a healthy and thriving life. So how do you get unstuck and actually live a healthy and thriving life?

Here are 25 ways to make this happen:

societal_lies1. Acknowledge the situation:

Recognize what is really causing you to feel stuck. While sometimes it may be obvious, other times it is less so and you may have to do some real soul searching to figure it out but until you know what is causing your rut, you won't be able to get out of it.

2. Keep a Journal:

Journal about your situation. Take the time to write down what is going on, how you feel about it and what you can do to change your situation.

3. Meditation:

Meditate. Turn off all electronics. Get rid of distractions. Turn on some soft, and calming music and really meditate.

4. Ask Others:

Ask for advice from 2-3 people who you admire and respect. Ideally they will be people who have also experienced the same situation or something similar as you.

5. Do a Vision Board Exercise:

Create a vision board with pictures of your ideal life. You can use magazine pictures on cardboard or you can create a digital version on your computer.

6. Try a Form of Energy Healing:

Hire someone who specializes in energy healing, hypnosis or NLP (neuro linguistic programing) to help you change how you think and to help you figure out how your sub-consious thoughts are sabatoging you and your ability to move forward with your life.

7. Read a Book:

Read an inspirational book about someone else who has overcome obstacles and created massive success.

8. Find a Coach:

Hire a coach or therapist to help you work through what is going on and to help give you ideas on what to do.

9. Get Some Accountability:

Find an accountability partner or join a mastermind with others who are also working on the same or similar goals.

10. Identify Your Stressors:

Identify which things or people in your life are causing you the most stress and figure out ways to either eliminate them from your life, reduce the amount of time spent with them or otherwise reduce the amount of stress that these people and or situations are causing you.

11. Use Fewer Drugs:

Find ways to reduce your dependence on any drugs that you may be using. Explore options for using herbs, essential oils and other natural alternatives.

12. Try Acupuncture:

Try a community acupuncture clinic. These are great for a lot of reasons but the main ones are that they can help provide a lot of natural healing for a lot of common health issues but they also provide a relaxing way to heal in a group environment with others.

13. Dream:

Take 10-15 minutes every day to dream about what your life will be like when you have overcome your challenges and reached your goals.

14. Eat Less Sugar:

Reduce your sugar intake. Instead of turning immediately to cookies or cake when you have a sugar craving, try a few drops of stevia in water or natural unsweetened coca in a glass of coconut or almond milk or a piece of fruit.

15. Massage:

Get a massage. If you have the budget for it, get one every month or go to a spa.

16. Walking:

Go for a walk. If you can grab a friend or a dog to go with you even better.

17. Small Children:

Find a baby or a small child to play with for an hour or two. Children and small babies always have a calming and peaceful effect.

18. Dogs:

Find a dog to play with if you don't have your own. You might consider volunteering at a local animal shelter or other organization to help walk the dogs or care for them.

19. Spa:

Do your own spa makeover at home. You can paint your own nails, do your own facial, take a nice bubble bath etc. If possible invite a few friends to join you.

20. Classical Music:

Go to a classical music concert. Most major cities have these on a regular basis. You may be able to find one that is even free.

21. Dancing:

Turn on some of your favorite music and dance. Even if you are a bad dancer, you will find that dancing can be very therapeutic.

22. Herbal Tea:

Make yourself a nice cup of hot herbal tea and drink it in front of a fire in the fireplace.   Peppermint and chamomile are my favorites for this.

23. Build a Fire:

Build a bon fire and invite some friends to join you for marshmellow roasting and campfire singing. If you don't have access to a place to do it, try local campgrounds or canyons.

24. Hiking:

Go for a nice long hike. If you live in an area with mountains, this is even better.

25. Sleep:

Take a nap. Seriously though. Sometimes you just need it.

Go through this list and find 2-3 of these to implement immediately and find some others that you will implement within the next few weeks.

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