6 Reasons Why You May Never Hear I'm Sorry

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You've been waiting for that apology for forever. Why can't they just admit they were wrong and say sorry? Why does it always have to be this hard? It has never been hard for you to swallow your pride when necessary, admit to your error and say sorry. You just wish more people would be like you. Chances are, you may never hear them say I'm sorry.

Apologizing comes easy for some and not at all for others. For those of us who are quick to apologize we simply don't get the ones who don't and end up quite frustrated, annoyed and perhaps even slightly angered by the fact that they won't. just say I'm sorry for goodness sakes. Why is it and how can it be so hard? Here are 6 reasons why you may never hear it and why you should just get used to it.

sorry1. They're not at fault.

Plain and simple. In their mind, they have done no wrong so why on earth should they apologize? You think and are pretty sure that they are at fault but they beg to differ. Don't try arguing with them. Arguing with a fool only proves there are two. There is nothing you will ever be able to do about this. Let it go. Don't waste your anger or energy on them. It's not worth it and 9 times out of 10 it's probably petty frivolous issues.

2. Pride and ego rule their world.

Many of us don't like to say sorry. It means we are wrong and we know it. How can that be though? We're never wrong. We are usually always right. They will want to think on this. Probably for so long that they secretly hope you have forgotten all about it by the time they realize that they were, in fact, wrong, and an apology is necessary. They just don't want to say sorry.

3. Avoid it at all costs.

And because they don't want to say sorry, they won't. You or anyone else isn' t going to bully them into an apology. It's not how they are wired. Apologizing isn't anything they ever had to do growing up either, and they aren't about to start now as an adult. They will simply avoid the whole issue and pretend it doesn't even exist. Most likely, as children, their parents made excuses constantly for their behaviour and they got away with every thing. They still do.

4. The floodgates have been opened.

Once they say sorry for one thing, suddenly all kinds of things are thrown on the table and more apologies will be expected from them. They prefer to leave the lid to Pandora's box sealed tightly. Remember they aren't in the habit of saying sorry and don't want to have to start having all those remember when times thrown in their faces. They remember when but they would rather soon forget it and wish you would too. Let it be.

5. Emotionally void.

Saying sorry is showing pure and raw emotion. It means the person who is apologizing know what they did is wrong and they are terribly saddened by their actions and upset at themselves for hurting you. That is too many emotions for them to bear and show to you. They prefer to keep all that stuff bottled up. Showing emotion doesn't come easy and it certainly won't come through a form of an apology. Don't hold your breath.

6. Actions speak louder than words.

For those who prefer to show you that they are sorry rather than say it, they will bring you gifts or show you more love or whatever they have in their toolbox for fixing broken hearts. They get what they did was wrong but they prefer to show you how sorry they are rather than say it. Some find this is a grander gesture and also slightly more romantic. To them, words mean nothing. When they are done adoring yo u, you will have no doubt they were sorry.

Saying sorry is genuinely hard for many people. Some may never say it. Others say it all the time. I'm a firm believer of the last point on here. Actions really do speak louder than words but if you clearly know what you did was wrong and it was really bad, just say sorry. The other person really does deserve an apology.

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