10 Clear Signs That Prove You Are Not Antisocial

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You've heard it all your life. Sally you are so antisocial. You've heard it so many times you almost started believing it. When you tell someone something repeatedly, they eventually do believe it and it becomes their reality. But you know better. You know you are not antisocial and have some clear reasons that explain you aren't.

Anti social is defined as such: not sociable; not wanting the company of others; unsociable, unfriendly, withdrawn, reclusive. Well you already know that clearly isn't you. Here are some reasons that prove you are definitely not antisocial.

break_out_of_shell1. You like getting out and visiting people.

You absolutely do love people and like to go visit friends and family and others. Just not all the time and preferably on your terms. When you are in the mood. It just might be rare is all.

2. You prefer the term outgoing introvert.

First of all, it sounds way better and secondly it describes you to a tee. You do like people and you like to go out but you get tired quickly by people and the environment. Your energy is short lived, the excitement wears o ff soon and before you know it, you are ready to go back home. You had fun, really you did.

3. How exciting.

The idea of going to a gala delights you. Getting all dressed up and going out on the town for one night is thrilling and exciting. The problem is, once you get there, you get a bit shy if you don't know anyone. It's best when you go with others.

4. You have your favourites.

There are just some people you simply can't be bothered to be around. It could be their energy isn't a good match with yours or you simply don't like them. It doesn't make you antisocial, it makes you selective about the company yo u choose to hang with.

5. You don't fit in.

Sometimes there are people and places that you plain and simply do not fit in or belong with. Trying to blend in is a struggle and you find yourself pretending to be someone you're not. You have no interest in being a phoney so you just stay home. It's better that way, really.

6. When the time is right.

It does take quite a bit out of you to go out or visit people so you like to do it when you feel totally recharged and full of enthusiasm with regards to the visit. If you even think about going when you are tired, you will not be social and it will be a total waste of time and energy.

7. Let's not go there.

Environment plays a huge role in whether or not you will go and be social or not. If the gatherings often are held at a place that drains your energy, chances are, you want to go there much. Many of us are affected by the energy of a space. It's not being antisocial it's being environmentally sensitive.

8. Facebook is cool.

When you aren't going to parties or events pretending to be someone you're not, you don't mind hanging with your online friends from around the world that actually get you, understand you and have fun with you. That's being social too.

9. Neighbours are nice to talk to.

You don't run and hide when you see them in driveway. You like to talk to them and find out how little Johnny is doing in school and if Sally made the cheerleading team. You really do like talking to the people in your neighbourhood. They're nice.

10. Your company is just as good.

You really do like hanging out wit h yourself, by yourself. You enjoy your company. It actually brings you great peace and joy. It's not so much you don't like going out as it is you love being at home alone with a tea and a good book or movie.

Just because we don't want to go out and party and socialize all the time doesn't mean we are antisocial. Some of us really are just good with hanging out at home alone and that's perfectly fine too. We like people, we just maybe like ourselves more.

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