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5 Truths About Life We Should All Know

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Life is a funny thing isn't it. Some people think life is hard, others think life is full of joy and easy. How can there be such a vast difference between two groups? Why is it that some say life really is hard, and how could it be that others think life is beautiful and easy and breezy? I think it all really boils down to perspective. Too many forget that we only have one life. This is it. The show is on. Are you still in rehearsal mode or are you living?

Life can be pretty scary too. There are big decisions to make almost on a daily basis and we really would much rather prefer someone else make those decisions for us. Here's some other truths about life you really should know before you go passing over the reigns to someone else.

habits_happy1. Your problems, you fix them.

Stop looking at others to fix your problems or your messes. You made them, you know how they started, you fix them and clean them up. No one has the answers for you, no matter how many people you ask. And no one knows what is the best fix for you or what is right for you. Only you do. Don't wait for that magical person to fix your problems. That person is you.

2. Life is not hard. Life is not easy.

It's perspective and how we view it. We are all dealt different hands. Some shittier than others. Some of us can make it through trials and difficulties, others of us might not be able to. Your attitude towards anything that happens to you in your life will set the stage for how you get on through life. You can have the why me attitude or the try me attitude. Either way, life is not hard or easy. It's just life. You can make it hard or easy with the way you deal with things.

3. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Ever. Period. You've heard it a million times but you really need to let it sink in. We are all guilty of saying I'll get to that tomorrow or one day we'll do that or go there. There is no such thing as one day. Remove it from your vocabulary. It doesn't exist. If you aren't making plans to get to that one thing now, you will never do it. Go live life today, not tomorrow or one day. Do the things you've always wanted to do while you still can. You may not be able to do it tomorrow or, heaven forbid, you may not be here. Let's not wait any longer.

4. You are here for ridiculous joy.

That's all. You really are. You are here to love life and love what you do and the people around you and draw to you only the thin gs that bring you happiness and joy and pleasure. That is why you are here. You are not here to struggle or be miserable. If that is what is happening, you are drawing it to you, according to the universal law of attraction. You want joy, speak and feel only joy. You want misery, keep talking about sorrow, yesterday and misery. Watch what you speak. You are speaking your life into existence.

5. Help others.

Don't be selfish. We are here as loving and helping beings on and nobody gets out alive. We are all here for the same thing. To live, laugh and love. All of us. Holding grudges or not helping your fellow man isn't helping anyone, ever. The world is full of healers and lovers and world changers. We can all make a contribution to this. The more we help and love, the happier life and this world will be. Lend a helping hand, life is nicer that way.

This is it. One shot at life. It's up to you to make it happy and beautiful, loving and whole or miserable and sad and full of angst and frustration. It's all up to you. Your life, your decisions and your choices. Don't expect happiness from people, places or things. It's inside of you. Everything you need is already inside of you. Seek it.

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